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BPO Services: WNS SA Advantage

As one of the global leaders in the business process outsourcing space, WNS well and truly extends your enterprise. That means we become an extended arm of your organisation through an interplay of innovative and tailored solutions, operational excellence and expertise, as well as superior customer service through our ability to ‘adopt’ and represent your brand. All the while, supporting you in meeting your business goals, maintaining the flexibility to respond to constant changes in the economy and share business risks through industry-unique costing models.

By aligning with a major BPO player in WNS Global Services SA (Pty) Limited, you also benefit greatly by working with a partner who has pioneered the BPO industry in South Africa, and whose credentials include an enviable track record of supporting the growth plans of international firms through local and off-shored outsourced solutions. Coupled with the benefit of a global delivery network and the ability to rapidly scale up to accommodate your growing requirements, WNS enables you to outperform!

BPO Expertise

Over the years, WNS SA has built a reputation as an industry leader, partnering with a diverse range of companies to deliver best-in-industry BPO services. WNS SA has been delivering world-class inbound and outbound voice, multi-media and blended services to major local and international players in industries such as Telecommunications, Financial Services and Insurance, Travel and Leisure as well as the Utilities industry.

As a part of the WNS’s global network, WNS SA leverages technology, international best practices and the expertise of more than 25,000 WNS professionals across 31 delivery centres worldwide

WNS South Africa Value Proposition

WNS SA’s value proposition is built on a number of important and unique cornerstones, setting us apart as the partner of choice in South Africa:

Innovative Outsourcing Solutions

WNS SA recognises the unique nature of every business, and does not follow a generic ‘one-strategy-suits-all’ approach, but rather aims to tailor specific solutions around the client’s needs and requirements.

Pre-determined Contractual Milestones

At the outset of a partnership, the client’s objectives are evaluated and a strategy mapped out to achieve these. The progress and performance are then measured against the achievement of specific milestones.

Improvement Culture

WNS SA pursues continuous improvement and its transformation and subject matter experts continuously explore methods for improved efficiency and enhanced delivery. Cost efficiency goes hand-in-hand with this, and the benefits of all these deliverables are passed on to the customer – improving the entire ‘customer journey’.

Outsourcing Service Flexibility

As an experienced BPO provider that has successfully partnered with a number of enterprises across a diverse spectrum of industries, WNS SA understands the fluid dynamics of business. It, therefore, provides the necessary flexibility to adapt to your service requirements, for example scaling up or down, and adapting service agreements where necessary.

South Africa – A Part of the WNS Global BPO Delivery Network

The footprints of WNS SA’s clients span the globe, which require global delivery capabilities. The WNS global delivery network responds to the needs of language, cultural alignment, redundancy and 24/7 operations. Across WNS SA’s global delivery centres, employees use common methodologies, tools and assets to deliver services seamlessly to clients.

Access to the WNS global delivery network also creates a scalable and flexible network that allows clients to tap the right skills and services at a suitable pricing model – whether onshore, nearshore or offshore.

The-Philippines Romania Costa-Rica South-Africa Poland

Operational Excellence

At WNS SA, operational excellence is at the heart of everything we do. WNS SA’s quality value proposition is based on its service delivery value chain – Transition, Stabilize and Improve. The following distinctive dimensions set us apart as a business partner :

1. Operational Infrastructure

WNS’s 24/7 operations across its state-of-the-art global delivery centres adhere to the highest security, health and safety standards. Best-of-breed technology solutions provide both resilience and flexibility. International best practices and processes strengthen the infrastructure and technical solutions, which are secure, compliant, scalable and cost effective. A 24x7 support with vast experience and in-house knowledge is provided, as is emergency power and full access control.

2. Facilities

WNS SA’s three state-of-the-art delivery sites in South Africa have a seating capacity of more than 2500. The employees benefit from subsidized canteens, breakout areas and facilities for relaxation, Internet cafés, secure parking bays, as well as a car wash and wellness centre.

3. Human Capital, Learning and Development

WNS SA has designed an integrated talent management framework that incorporates robust recruitment practices and tailor-made assessment and on-boarding processes. WNS SA’s unique recruitment strategies focus on recruiting campaign-specific and language-specific agents.

The English language capability and cultural affinity of WNS SA agents with the U.K. and European markets are major assets to current and prospective clients who wish to opt for an offshore arrangement. WNS SA’s domestic clients can benefit from the versatile ability of WNS SA agents to speak eleven official South African languages.

Learning and Development are at the heart of WNS SA’s employee value proposition. The Further Education and Training (FET) College offers both NQF Level 2 and NQF Level 4 skills programs, and gives employees the opportunity to develop and hone their skills based on their roles and career aspirations. WNS SA also has various engagement practices to retain top talent.

The College provides training and development interventions along multiple dimensions, including functional, process-related and ‘softer’ people management areas. The College’s in-house curriculum design, which is fairly unique in the BPO industry, has enabled WNS SA to better develop learning programs for employees.

4. Quality Management

WNS SA is geared towards protecting the client’s brand, and its quality structure is aimed at multiple interventions to ensure maximum improvement across operations. The Quality team works on the following basis:
  • Pre-agreed, campaign-specific assessment of the skill sets applied across the board. For example, effective use of language and customer interaction
  • Continuous benchmarking against client and industry standards
  • Regular quality reporting and client interaction to discuss improvements and focus areas for intervention

5. Workforce Planning

The WNS SA team has extensive experience in planning for workforces of all sizes and complexities. It offers clients a dynamic approach and flexible staffing solutions to cater to volatile delivery patterns and seasonal peaks. A structured governance framework ensures that all stakeholders have continuous visibility of planning activities, enabling them to act accordingly.

6. Management Information

With WNS SA, critical data is transformed into actionable insights. Regular reporting is structured across all appropriate levels, customised to clients’ needs. WNS SA’s management information solutions provide users with all the critical information for making informed decisions and ensuring successful ventures.

7. Knowledge Management

WNS SA’s Knowledge Management team is focused on empowering its employees. Its dynamic approach means that employees always have the most current and relevant information at their fingertips to assist in providing the best customer journey possible.

Partnership Approach

Whether a company operates globally, or in one market; whether the BPO solution embraces one process or an entire business function across the enterprise, BPO succeeds when the relationship is seamless and is predicated on meeting the client’s needs. Not all clients can readily embrace business process outsourcing as a means to change their operating model. Some look to ‘trial and learn’ through a staggered implementation approach; while others are ready to transfer processes end-to-end across an entire function.

Some companies are comfortable implementing a global deployment, while others wish to transition business unit by business unit, or location by location. Similarly, each company has a different approach to managing performance.

At WNS, we understand that no two clients are alike, and truly focus on ‘extending your enterprise’, working with the client to successfully changing or implementing their operating model. WNS works flexibly to meet client needs, aligning with client goals, not imposing ours. All of our management practices, systems and processes are geared to this approach – working hand in glove with the client towards a tailored solution.

The South Africa Advantage

Over the last decade, South Africa has built a reputation for offering world class, high-end business process outsourcing services. This advantage is driven by a skilled workforce, a business-friendly climate and great overall value.

Skilled, English-speaking talent pool
  • A huge English language talent pool with neutral accent
  • Distinctive strength in driving superior customer experience
  • Cultural affinity with UK and European markets
  • World-class strengths in offering superior solutions for Financial Services and Legal companies
A Robust Enabling Environment
  • Attractive investment climate
  • Strong public sector support
  • Time zone similarities
  • World-class infrastructure and ease of access
  • A maturing domestic market
Significant Cost Savings
  • Government incentives that reduce costs by 20 percent
  • Narrowing cost differential with low cost destinations
  • Attractive exchange rate against major currencies
  • Costs 50-60 percent lower than source markets
  • Value destination of choice

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