WNS in China

Location Highlights
  • Robust urban infrastructure development by the government, including 25 cities being developed as outsourcing hubs
  • Major government support by way of tax breaks and assistance to companies in finding the right talent
  • Low barriers to entry, access to a low-cost market and affordable real estate
  • An unmatched talent pool, including graduates trained in outsourcing services with multilingual capabilities
WNS Presence
  • Located in Dalian and Guangzhou. Dalian is located in North China and is ranked as China's  top ITO/BPO city since year 2002 . Guangzhou is located in South China, where the overall economic strength is in the top 3 among China’s largest cities. Both the cities are very well connected with the rest of China and rest of the world
  • Dalian operations commenced in October 2012 and Guangzhou in April 2013 with focus on Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian (Bahasa) language capabilities
  • Provides industry-specific services to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia
Delivery Centers in China


30F, Shun Tak Business Center,

246 Zhongshan Road 4,

Guangzhou - 510000

Tel +86 411 3984 3199

Fax +86 411 3984 3145


Room 201, Building 22,

No.36 East Software Park Road,

Dalian - 116023

Tel +86 20 83635800

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