WNS SocioSEER Successfully Deployed in South Africa

WNS Global Services, Cape Town, South Africa November 25, 2018 – After successfully launching SocioSEER globally, WNS (Holdings) Limited (NYSE: WNS), a leading Business Process Management Provider is excited to introduce SocioSEERTM to the South African retail market. SocioSEER is a WNS proprietary social media analytics platform that leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a true “brand equity index”, which empowers clients with real-time social insights and enables brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors, improve customer loyalty, and boost their bottom lines.

“Businesses today are largely impacted by what their customers and influencers have to say about them on Social Media. They now need to find smart and innovative ways to obtain their brands engagement acumen across all social networks. A listening tool can provide businesses with invaluable customer insights, which will help identify customer experience improvement areas as well as value chain advancement opportunities. It is important for Brands to understand their customers ever changing expectations, in order to provide relevant products, services and experiences. I am excited to share that SocioSEER is here - to enable hyper-personalisation, increase brand loyalty and provide actionable insights”, said Dee Nel, Head of Analytics, WNS Global South Africa.

SocioSEERTM is a next-gen cloud based solution that is built on a scalable, open source technology stack that uses a proprietary RE.CO.IN methodology. It’s extensive prediction and category algorithms classify all social impressions in domain-relevant themes. It utilises edge concepts such as; natural language processing, semantic compositionality, computational linguistics and machine learning algorithms to capture every nuance of social context. SocioSEER provides tailor made metrics, indices, target lists and analysis that are user friendly. The platform filters, categorises and classifies millions of social media mentions which provides a 360-degree view of their customers and helps organisations understand, transform and enhance their online brand.

WNS Analytics experts partner with clients to co-create and deliver outperforming analytics solutions that focus on data-driven business process improvements, actionable strategies and modular solutions. The team leverages their wealth of industry knowledge and leadership in analytics, technology, solution development and integration to meet diversified business needs. The actionable insights generated enables smarter decision-making and helps client-partners improve customer experience and reduce operating costs. The analytics solutions help businesses drive innovation and become masters of disruption by identifying the right growth opportunities to stay ahead of the curve.



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