Retail company enhancing customer experience 

The retail sector is changing fast, from brick-and-mortar stores to agile digital shopping portals. Customer expectations are evolving along with these changes—retail operations need agile processes to manage anywhere-anytime delivery and fulfil customer preferences.

To remain competitive and analyse and steer customer opinion, retailers must tune into customers’ online conversations about their brand.

The challenge for the retailer was…

It wanted to improve its relationship with customers on social media. It also wanted to determine how its customers felt about the brand compared to its competitors and identify key improvement areas on brand interaction.

Here’s what we co-created as a solution…

We worked with the retailer to identify customer interactions across all relevant social communication channels including:

  • Identifying customer opinions of the brand and linking them to internal experience measures
  • Discovering customer problems and opportunities
  • Linking information and strengthening existing or new insights from a customer perspective
  • Strengthening text analytics and applying it to the client’s own research data using WNS’ proprietary analytics platform SocioSEERTM
  • Mapping performance against its competitors

The outcomes from the co-creation process are…

The WNS solution allowed the client to monitor and analyse customer trends and boost the visibility of customer sentiment.

The outcomes included:

  • A 100 percent improvement in social media visibility with real-time monitoring of customer insights and trends
  • A self-managed system to assist with reporting and insight-sharing
  • Becoming the most preferred social media platform with a 15 percent increase in positive customer opinion on Instagram
  • Customer opinion ratios up 10 percent between two financial quarters
  • Clear insights on what drives customer opinions to help facilitate future improvements

The retailer now has access to actionable data on customer brand opinions, customer problems, top influencers, followers and customer trends.

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