Key Points
  • Gamification is transforming contact centres from cost centres to profit centres.

  • Enhanced Employee Experiences are motivating contact centre agents to turn customers into raving fans.

  • Contact Centre gamification is a prerequisite for businesses looking to maximise operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge.

Imagine 20,000 call centre agents working from home without traditional supervision for a company providing call centre services in the cloud. That is LiveOps’ unique model and approach - no traditional brick-and-mortar offices or operations.

Unique it may be, but how does LiveOps keep their massively dispersed workforce engaged and motivated? The answer lies in one word – gamification. LiveOps has transformed its agent community into a gamified social hub.

Gamification is transforming contact centres from cost centres to profit centres that attract and retain top talent.

The modern-day world of contact centre operations has a new win-all game plan. Managers maximise staff engagement and take their employees’ experiences (EX) to a whole new level. In turn, these valuable call centre agents are turning their customers into raving fans. Leaders could not ask for better benefit realisation - increased ROI, reduced customer effort and lower customer churn.

Contact centre gamification unlocks performance and engagement programmes that place employees alongside business operational requirements. They address the challenges of revenue decline in contact centres in real-time.

Let us take an in-depth look at how contact centre gamification is achieving employee happiness and business ROI.

Finish First with First Contact Resolution (FCR)

Ninety-three percent of customers using the contact centre channel expect resolutions in their first interaction. So do 72 percent of customers using webchat. FCR significantly impacts customer experience, customer retention and even employee experience. Contrary to popular belief agents do want to provide their customers with quick and hassle-free services and solutions. When agents serve informed customers, it reduces stress and motivates a positive experience for both the customer and the agent. By injecting the knowledge-base with gamification mechanics, call centres can empower service advisors with real-time data and continuous on-the-job training for high FCR.

Gamification works because it appeals to the new age digital worker, such engagement helps to minimise customer service errors, hold-times and average handling times (AHT) - thus delivering seamless FCR. Businesses that leverage gamification to win the FCR game will skyrocket in CX, sales and efficiency.

Beat Attrition and Win Powerful Brand Ambassadors

Human resource officers, chief operational executives and finance officers all agree that attrition is their number one revenue-leaking expense. Gamified performance programmes in contact centres can increase employee retention, minimise revenue loss, cut ‘inexperienced time’, and retain top talent. Contact centre heads are using gamification to implement captivating performance-related competitions that provide significant milestones, improvement data and recommendations.

Digital performance applications enable individual, team, and company performance celebrations and staff recognition. Online games keep everyone motivated, while online chat groups encourage real-time conversations between leaders, managers and agents to keep employees informed. Informed employees, in turn, celebrate and share their company’s success with family, friends and future customers. Employees who feel valued are more likely to exceed performance expectations and serve as influential revenue-generating brand ambassadors in the market. Listen to the Voice of the Employee (VOE), recognise their dedication, and watch the CX, EX and sales soar.

Supercharged Employees with Digital Skills Benefit Customers

Digital gamification applications keep agents at the top of their digital service game. Employee engagement apps and games that incorporate the customer UX will provide advisors with hands-on experience for seamless and personalised omni-channel customer support. The digital expertise employees’ gain through gamification will enable businesses to expand service offerings, exceed customer expectations and accelerate ROI. Skill development opportunities future-proof employees’ careers, increase their employability and make them feel valued. A valued and empowered employee is more likely to perform above and beyond for their customers. Supercharged employees are also better equipped to find creative solutions to unfamiliar customer challenges, which, in turn, will reduce customer effort.

There is no doubt that contact centre gamification is here to stay, and we understand why. The methodology resonates with all the critical elements - people, process and technology. Contact centres looking to minimise revenue loss, maximise operational efficiency and promote positive employee experiences can turn to innovative gamification methods to transform their service operations, one game at a time.

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