Thanks to the Internet, companies now have multiple touch points and plenty opportunities to engage with customers online, but it isn’t as simple as it seems. Customer behaviour is constantly changing and companies struggle to keep up, especially across the number of various channels available. One of the most important channels is a company website, but it’s critical to take the customer’s unique needs into consideration.

WNS’ Customer Experience Management tool is a real-time web application that allows clients to actively improve the online experience of a visitor.

Key Features

  • Multi-channel customer engagement on the client’s website
  • Real-time, proactive customer management based on advanced analytics
  • Ensures intent identification for both ‘authenticated’ and ‘unauthenticated’ visitors
  • Enables pre-domain and cross session capture for effective customer segmentation and targeting
  • Acts as an ‘intelligent’ agent based on knowledge management and real-time customer information feed

How it Works

By analysing a particular visitor’s browsing journey using advanced algorithms, different ways of engagement with that customer is triggered when they visit the page again. Rules and actions are created to initiate a proactive chat, discretionary call with a customer service representative, and most importantly suitable recommendations. This can improve sales conversions and ultimately customer satisfaction, drastically reducing the cost-to-serve. Because it is a self-learning tool, it increases and improves in efficiency as it matures.


WNS’s Customer Experience Management tool allows companies to provide a tailored experience to all visitors on their website through offering disruptive interventions to help the customer along to journey completion. The tangible benefits to this tool and approach are:

  • 5-7% increase in the visitor’s propensity to stay on pages longer
  • 5% improvement in customer satisfaction due to easy information flow and proactive recommendations
  • 5-10% conversion increases
  • 10-20% uplift in revenue
  • Improved information distribution through intuitive chat design and delivery
  • Greater rate of issue resolution - customer service associates can simultaneously work on multiple chat windows and therefore can give more time to each customer resulting in higher first-time resolution
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