Data virtualisation is simply the curation of information from a number of different sources into one single view. By lifting data from databases, systems and storage, our digital virtualisation platform serves to provide real-time virtual access to various data sources, regardless of the format of the information analysed.

By using data virtualisation tools, businesses are able to quickly respond to ever-changing business intelligence and analytics needs. The benefits of data virtualisation includes being able to deal with the challenges associated to Big Data and Cloud environments on site.

WNS has created a data virtualisation solution called, UNISON. The solution, which stands for ‘Unique Virtualisation Insight Solution’, allows clients to bring data from multiple unrelated sources into one single view.

Benefits of UNISON

  • Quick and timely delivery of data
  • Flexible to change at a lower cost than traditional integration solutions
  • Takes data from different sources and presents it in a single source
  • Multiple data users with increased resource shareability to increase business value received
  • Cost-effective open source technology with Cloud capabilities that is completely scalable

A Snapshot of WNS’ Data Virtualisation Solution – UNISON

Data Virtualization Solution
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