Faster, smarter and more efficient; that is standard businesses and its respective business processes need to aspire to. While Information Technology has helped to achieve this to a certain extent, there is still scope to improve processes even further. Embedded Process Intelligence (ePI) is a method used to understand existing processes, workflow and data, in order to craft solutions that not only improve business performance, but generate valuable insights too.

Our Embedded Process Intelligence programme sees our analytics consultants engage with internal industry experts, client relationship managers and other analytics experts to identify embedded analytics opportunities across various processes based on where it is needed the most. Following this, a comprehensive audit of the processes prioritised as well as identify where further analytics solutions can be developed to improve the delivery of existing processes.

In essence, by implementing Embedded Process Intelligence, businesses are able to realise a number of benefits that is further enhanced when feedback from various stakeholders is received and analysed.


Embedded Process Intelligence can be implemented across a number of different business process areas that includes sales, marketing and customer service to realise the following business benefits:


  • Rationalised workload on the sales force
  • Accurate target-setting process by including comprehensive factors that affects the market


  • Improved customer response to campaigns and increase in revenue
  • Increased accuracy in measuring RoI

Front-line Customer Service

  • Better complaints resolution time by implementing prioritisation techniques
  • Increased customer satisfaction through proactive effort

How can you leverage ePI?

  • Audit the current processes and identify the opportunity areas for operational efficiency with analytics intervention
  • Identify the most urgent processes for embedding analytics making use of cost-benefit analysis
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