Marketing is gradually shifting to analytics-led decision-making and strategies with a strong dependence on data analysis. By adopting a more data-driven approach, companies are able to analyse the past and predict or influence future engagements their customers.

Marketing analytics seeks to optimise return on investment (ROI) by measuring, managing and analyzing performance. Going far beyond the standard sales and lead generation applications, marketing analytics can present pivotal insights into customer preferences and trends for enhanced product features and more pointed customer interactions. Moreover, marketing analytics can help companies accurately segment their target customers and design marketing initiatives that are tailored to their needs. Doing so will increase customer retention, maximise the value of customers across their lifecycle and gain customer loyalty.

WNS has more than a decade of experience in crafting valuable marketing analytics strategies across industries and business functions. Organisations partner with us to enhance their customer experience across major channels so as to increase customer spend, retention and loyalty.

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The WNS Advantage

Our customer-centric approach, deep domain expertise, global delivery network and strong focus on operational excellence combined with innovative analytics solutions, proprietary framework and product help our clients on their path to outperformance.

  • Nearly 15 years of extensive experience in creating effective customer analytics strategies across a broad range of vertical markets and functions
  • Supporting 50+ clients across numerours geographies with more than 500 analytics resources
  • WNS Analytics Decision Engine (WADE)SM – a proprietary predictive analytics solution framework to inspire and enable an organisation to scale the analytical maturity curve
  • Dedicated Centers of Excellence for campaign management and loyalty analytics
  • Customer Engagement Management tool to choose the best communication channel based on turnaround time, cost to serve, frequency of contact as well as predefined rules per user, among other parameters
  • Advanced modelling techniques – Predictive Statistical Techniques, Parametric and Non-parametric
  • Cutting-edge decision analytics and data mining tools – SAS, SQL, Business Objects, Unica, Cognos, Teradata, R, Python, MATLAB

The WNS South Africa Advantage

  • Flexible partnership approach: We never consider ourselves a vendor to our clients, but rather a strategic partner who delivers immense business value. We have the ability to adapt and align with our clients’ ways of working and implement change at their pace. We are ‘big enough to deliver’ and ‘small enough to respond’.
  • Platform-agnostic: Our innovative solutions allow us to breakdown data silos, regardless of the system or platform, and generate actionable knowledge.
  • Business outcomes focused: WNS South Africa adopts a range of advanced solution delivery models. We focus our efforts on delivering tangible business outcomes that our clients can benefit from immediately. As such, we take ownership of our clients’ business performance and seek to drive their desired results, supported by our wealth of expertise.
" We chose WNS because of their deep understanding of the travel industry, strong customer care capabilities, insightful customer analytics, and their global delivery footprint. "
Steve Sickle

Senior Vice President for Distribution and Relationship Marketing at IHG

A ‘Major Player’ in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Business Analytics BPO Services Report 2014
Customer Acquisition Analytics

WNS’ Customer Acquisition Analytics solution helps to identify potential customers who are most likely to engage with and purchase products or services of a particular company. This is achieved by using the latest clustering, segmentation and predictive analytics techniques. We turn raw data into actionable insights for our clients so that they can make informed decisions around customer acquisition and ultimately improve profitability.

Our Customer Acquisition Solution assists clients in achieving the following:

  • Identify new and profitable customers
  • Increase customer base
  • Improve profitability, reduce cost and increase bottom-line growth
Retention Analytics

Retaining customers is all about meeting their changing needs. Our retention analytics solution allows clients to achieve this by identifying the factors that are most likely drive customers to engage with a particular product or service as well providing loyal and profitable existing customers with targeted personalised offers.

Cross-sell and Up-sell Analytics:

We help our clients gain deeper insights into the customers’ expectations so that they can make the right recommendations by integrating customer data, contact centre data and external data, in structured and unstructured forms. By leveraging our analytics-driven customer strategy solution that uses predictive analytics techniques, clients are able to map the right products and services to the current customer segments that are most likely to respond to these cross-sell & up-sell propositions favourably.

The framework we use in this end-to-end analytics is depicted below:


Customer Lifetime Value Analytics:

Our Customer Lifetime Value analytics solution helps clients formulate sales and marketing strategies, identify high-value customers and profitable customers while also forecasting expected revenue from new customers. We follow best-practice gained while partnering with multiple clients across a number of locations and have proven expertise in analytics application and various predictive models.

Loyalty Analytics:

We approach loyalty analytics in a unique way, combining our deep experience in database mining with our advanced analytics techniques. Through this, our clients are able to identify the factors driving conversion and loyalty to make the right marketing and sales investments.

The key components of the loyalty management services include:

  • Campaign calendaring
  • Campaign strategy proposition
  • Customer analytics to suit campaign strategy and design
  • Campaign feasibility analysis
  • Campaign development
  • Campaign rollout
  • Campaign measurement and analysis
  • Campaign history and customer data management
Sales Analytics

By using our Sales Analytics solutions, uncertainties are reduced and stronger decision-making is enabled for our clients. We leverage our proven experience in structured methods of forecasting based on statistical principles to deliver the following solutions:

  • Sales Potential Estimation
  • Market Segmentation
  • Purchase Driver Analysis

Prospecting / Acquisition

  • Look-Alike Modeling
  • Lead Generation
  • Prospect Dashboards
  • Contact Database Management

Predictive Analytics

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Channel Mix Optimisation
  • Next Purchase Propensity
  • Re-activation Potential

Sales Force Management

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Territory Planning
  • Sales Cost Optimisation
  • Pay for Performance (Sales Incentive Planning)

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