Utilities and Energy companies are increasingly realising the value of analytics to address the many challenges facing the industry, improve business efficiencies, deliver on customer expectations and increase revenues. New technological advancements, demanding consumers and changing regulatory policies are adding further pressures to companies in the industry.

With over a decade of experience in providing analytics services for the utilities and energy sector, our advanced analytics solutions help our clients achieve increased ROI, reduce total cost of ownership and improve customer satisfaction.

WNS’ propensity-to-pay model helped optimize debt collection processes, which resulted in better recovery rate..
WNS analysis showed that the client's debt collection costs were as high as 50% of the collected amount. WNS o..
WNS’ predictive analytics helped estimate the propensity of failure of batteries, which power the energy meter..

The WNS Advantage

  • More than a decade of experience serving utilities and energy companies
  • Over 2,300 energy and utilities domain experts with dedicated utilities analytics functions
  • A trusted service partner for eight of the world’s leading energy and utilities clients
  • Supporting more than 12 million retail energy consumers
  • An integrated meter-to-cash solution for debt analytics, fraud analytics and exception management

The WNS South Africa Advantage

  • Experts in utilities and energy: WNS South Africa supports the world’s leading energy and utilities companies and has gained invaluable industry insights over the years. We understand the unique needs of the industry and are able to help our clients unwrap the most beneficial customer and operational insights through providing a tailored data analytics solution.
  • Platform-agnostic: Our innovative solutions allow us to breakdown data silos, regardless of the system or platform, and generate actionable knowledge.
  • End-to-end support:WNS South Africa provides clients with end-to-end support from strategy to market analysis, to day-to-day-business operations management through our strong analytics practice that enhances client capabilities.
"WNS provides us a blend of functional expertise and process capabilities which spans across our diverse portfolio. Our partnership with WNS has become an integral part of our operations and we look forward to maintaining this stability and competitive advantage in a volatile energy market."
Phil Bentley

Managing Director, British Gas

A ‘Major Player’ in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Business Analytics BPO Services Report 2014
Asset Management Analytics
  • Asset lifecycle patterns and failure identification using real-time and historical data
  • Financial impact analysis of ill-performing assets and maintenance cost prediction of under-performing assets
  • Outage prediction based on historical data analysis
Smart Meter Analytics and Demand Response Programs
  • Identifying usage demand patterns and the factors that drive energy load
  • Accurately predict responses to a demand response programme to influence the demand in peak periods
  • Locating the best service bundle for our customers from a demand management perspective
Collection Analytics Collecting debt in the utilities and energy sector is normally more expensive when compared to other industries. Strict regulations, prolonged settlement periods and lengthy disconnection procedures tend to have a compounding effect. WNS helps clients alleviate these revenue pressures through the development of a propensity based ‘Pay / No-Pay’ Model and effective debt collection strategies.
Customer Analytics WNS’ customer analytics solutions are designed to help clients better understand their customers’ behaviour, particularly in areas such as needs, tariff requirements, consumption patterns, etc. We partner with our utilities and energy clients to solve their business critical problems, which includes:
  • Customer acquisition
  • Managing customer churn
  • Improving revenue from cross-selling and up-selling of products

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