WNS understands the need to do business around the clock. We recognise that customers expect service at their convenience - regardless of any circumstance - hence the need to keep operations running 24x7x365.

With our Business Continuity Solutions we aim to create a business environment conducive to this requirement; complete with the necessary infrastructure, technology and emergency back-up to ensure continuous up-time and uninterrupted service delivery.

WNS South Africa Advantage

  • Proven expertise: Our business continuity solutions guarantee complete business resilience in the face of any eventuality. We provide our clients with always-on business support to accommodate all of their business-as-normal needs. We have over a decade of experience in delivering business process services to leading brands both locally and internationally and combine our industry knowledge with functional expertise to deliver high-impact solutions.
  • Enabled environment: With multiple delivery centres across the country, WNS South Africa provides clients with a choice of live-site environments across different regions. Each of our buildings is purpose-built with state-of-the-art facilities, infrastructure and technologies, and is tastefully decorated with modern furnishings. We place a strong emphasis on security and have controlled building access with dedicated security and 24/7 CCTV surveillance.
  • Robust technology infrastructure: Our clients not only benefit from our Tier2 Data Centre with 24/7x365 up-time, but have around-the-clock access to a technical team of IT support professionals. They also have access to our state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, which includes resilient HA LAN infrastructure with scalable secure VLANs and firewalls.
  • Flexibility: We give our clients the flexibility to take control of their unique technology requirements as they need it. In the background, we proactively monitor network infrastructure and flag any alerts when detected. Platform agnostic technologies: We seamlessly integrate our clients’ current technologies with our solutions, regardless of the platform. We currently work with the following contact centre platforms: Avaya, Microsoft Core (including System Centre Suites), Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, VMWare, Citrix and Hyper V.
"WNS chosen for proven Audit expertise & best-in-class technology."
Christopher Korenke

Vice President - Commercial, Star Alliance

DSCI Excellence Award for Security in BPM (Large) – 2014

Back Office Seats

  • Modern desks and chairs
  • VOIP and Analogue telephony
  • Computer equipment
  • Access to infrastructure
  • Access to facilities
  • Access to support services
  • Meeting and conference facilities/rooms available
  • Secured dedicated storage

Contact Centre Seats

  • Entire support and infrastructure resource access
  • Sophisticated network and voice infrastructure
  • Pre-equipped work stations
  • Multiple telephony solutions
  • Business support services
  • Array of communications tools
  • Dedicated and syndicated options available

Data Centres

  • World-class data centre
  • Custom-built space options
  • Ample test and simulation time
  • Full emergency power
  • Redundant WAN infrastructure with multiple
  • Redundant service providers
  • Resilient voice and data paths
  • Uninterrupted work environment
  • PCI/ISO 27001 and SOX accredited
  • Dedicated and shared racks/cabinet hosting options
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