Compensating employees is a strategic initiative that can help organisations plot employee role and career bands within the compensation structure. By effectively implementing this strategy, businesses are enabled to not only retain existing employees, but find and attract the right talent.

We work with our clients to design and manage their benefits structure for talent optimisation by making use of a range of data models. We also work on our clients’ pay strategies to ensure that it is designed and executed with the business requirements in mind, but also that it is aligns employee goals with that of the organisation.

Services include:

  • Compensation design and benchmarking
  • Benefits penetration analysis
  • Base cost monitoring

WNS South Africa Advantage

  • Smart HR Analytics for decisive insights: Our HR analytics solution provides clients with evidence-based actionable insights for decision-making. We empower our clients with business intelligence that enables better employer brand positioning, hiring insights through predictive modelling, wage-cost modelling and market benchmarking. Ultimately, our HR analytics solutions have the power to redefine the strategy of organisations and drive long-term benefits and success.
  • Access to global pool of data scientists: WNS has a large analytics practice with more than 2, 000 data scientists, researchers and industry experts, seeing to the analytics requirements of over 75 global businesses across multiple industries.
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