Our clients choose us to manage all of their respective workforce learning requirements. We provide an integrated approach to managing performance and delivering effective training through a comprehensive talent management model.

We have a dedicated Learning Academy that focuses on skilling HR representatives, among other training needs. We help our clients by identifying their unique training needs and analyse it to properly plan skills development initiatives while keeping the costs as low as possible.

Our Learning and Performance Management Solutions include

  • Training needs analysis
  • Learning administration
  • Competency / skills management
  • Goal setting and appraisals
  • Performance prediction
  • Performance management
  • Training curriculum support
  • Retention models
  • Employee engagement
  • E-SAT / Employment surveys
  • Overtime analysis

WNS South Africa Advantage

  • Class-leading learning & development programmes: Learning and Development is at the heart of WNS South Africa’s HR value proposition. We give our clients’ the opportunity and necessary support to best develop the skills of their employees. We also adopt a range of effective engagement practices to help retain top talent.
  • Flexible partnership approach: We never consider ourselves a vendor to our clients, but rather a strategic partner who delivers immense business value. We have the ability to adapt and align with our clients’ ways of working and implement change at their pace. We are ‘big enough to deliver’ and ‘small enough to respond’.
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