Consulting, Implementation and Optimization Solutions

Effective implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution enhances the efficiency of all the processes linked with it. As a leading provider of world class ERP solutions, WNS provides ERP consulting, implementation and optimization solutions. Our functional and technical experts perform complete assessment of the customer’s existing systems and processes, and provide expert advice on the appropriate solution, its feasibility system and infrastructure requirements. Our team goes beyond implementing the ERP solution. Once implemented, the team ensures the maintenance and continuous improvement of the ERP solution. We enable clients to draw maximum benefits out of the ERP solution, and thus increase their return on investments. Some of our ERP solutions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Program management
  • Functional consulting
  • Technical consulting
  • Implementation / optimization
  • Migration
  • Upgrade
  • Interface programming
  • Customizations
  • Integrated bolt-on functionality
  • Report generation
  • Training
  • Level 1 and 2 Support

Solution Selection, Design and Architecture

With an exponential growth of enterprise solutions in the market, it has become a daunting task for companies to select the ERP solution best suited to their requirements. WNS helps its customers to find the most optimum and cost-effective ERP solution that will fit their existing technology landscape, and is in sync with their organizational, infrastructure and operational needs. We provide guidance on not only selecting the ERP solution but also defining the roadmap for its implementation.

Process Design / Re-engineering

As a pre-requisite to ERP implementation, WNS provides process design and re-engineering solutions. We perform a complete assessment of the existing system(s) and provide suggestions for a successful ERP implementation. This includes studying the correlation between existing systems and processes, the impact of ERP implementation on the legacy system, the interpretation of historical data, and restructuring of inefficient legacy processes. This solution can also be used to optimize the existing processes in terms of cost and quality.


WNS offers a wide range of SAP products and solutions on e-sourcing, e-procurement, e-invoicing, spend analytics, and so on. SAP is the world leader in enterprise software and software-related services. SAP helps companies the world over to manage their business operations and customer relations by deploying state-of-the-art enterprise software. WNS is SAP’s partner.


WNS offers a wide range of SAP products and solutions on e-sourcing, e-procurement, e-invoicing, spend analytics, and so on. The SAP product suite includes, but is not limited to:

  • Accounts payable workbench
  • Vendor portal
  • Dynamic discount manager
  • Web approval portal
  • Xponential procurement cards
  • E-invoicing
  • Collections workbench and cash Application
  • Customer portal
  • Reconciliation tools
  • KPI reporting
  • ForeignPay Direct


  • Configuration, Customization and Implementation

    WNS is a hosting, application management services and development partner for the packaged services initiative for SAP. We have developed several ‘Bolt-on’ products to deliver the technical implementation of SAP processes. With our rich experience, we have developed a variety of solution sets that are designed to accelerate the delivery benefits. These solution sets are domain-specific and directed towards gaps or opportunities in the end-to-end operations that are transformational in nature. We are also a full service provider for 'SAP Hosting and Managed Services' besides being a one-stop shop to manage the entire spectrum of customer requirements. In addition, we also provide SAP ERP application support capabilities.

  • Interface Design, Development and Implementation

    There are multiple methods of implementing integration of SAP with other ERP or non-ERP systems. WNS provides the most optimum SAP interface design, development and implementation services to our customers depending on the application from / to which the interface needs to be set up. SAP interface design precedes a complete analysis of the integration requirements, various available approaches for integration, sending and receiving systems, load and frequency of data, infrastructure requirement, etc. Some of the SAP interface techniques supported by us include, but are not limited to:

    • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    • Application Link Enabling (ALE)
    • Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI)
    • SAP automation tools
    • SAP connectors / plug-ins
  • Enterprise Platform Integration / Optimization

    WNS has vast experience in providing SAP implementation and support services. This experience has enabled us to provide high-end implementation and optimization solutions to clients. We deploy our SAP functional and technical experts for providing solicitation to customers to reap benefits by exploring the untapped potential of their SAP ERP. Many customers also use SAP as a standalone application for a single business process. We provide guidance and suggestions for integration of various organizational business processes, applications and systems. Our guidance helps companies earn maximum profits while enjoying an integrated and organized framework. SAP ERP optimization services include, but are not limited to:

    • Complete assessment and analysis of the client’s existing SAP ERP platform
    • Recommendations for optimum deployment of existing SAP functionalities and modules
    • Strong business intelligence, reporting and insight generation
    • Complete SAP ERP functional and technical support throughout the optimization lifecycle
  • ERP Training

    WNS has a team of highly skilled SAP functional and technical consultants who provide customers best-in-class training solutions on various SAP modules and functionalities. These training services provide key stakeholders and executives complete knowledge of SAP applications or modules required to manage and maintain the ERP solution. SAP ERP training also enables these personnel to participate in future SAP deployments, change management, and enhancement processes. A typical SAP training program entails webinars, live demonstrations, complete and thorough documentation, preparation of training manuals, etc.

    Our SAP training services include training on various SAP modules like:

    • SAP financials
    • Procure-to-Pay (P2P)
    • Order-to-Cash (O2C)
    • SAP finance optimization advisory services
    • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
    • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP)
    • Business Action to Support the Information Society (BASIS)
    • Sales and Distribution (SD)
    • Materials Management (MM)
    • Financials and Controlling (FICO)
    • Production Planning (PP)
    • Warehouse Management (WM)
    • Human Resource (HR)
    • Advanced Planning and Optimizer (APO)
    • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • ERP Upgrades

    With each new version of SAP ERP, significant enhancements need to be introduced in terms of business and technology. WNS manages these changes by providing best-in-class and timely SAP upgrade solutions to ensure maximum benefits to its customers.

    WNS’ SAP upgrade solutions include, but are not limited to:

    • Technology upgrades
    • SAP 6.0 upgrades
    • Application upgrades
    • Database upgrades
    • Platform migration


WNS provides a host of Oracle products and solutions, which help customers to enhance their process and system efficiencies while increasing the return on investment.

We bring to the table our full expertise of working on a host of Oracle products and solutions to enhance our clients’ process and system efficiencies while increasing the return on investment.


WNS’ Oracle product suite includes, but is not limited to:

  • Oracle iProcurement
  • Accounts payable workbench
  • Vendor portal
  • Dynamic discount manager
  • Web approval portal
  • P-Cards
  • E-invoicing
  • Collections workbench and cash application
  • Customer portal
  • Reconciliation tools
  • KPI reporting


  • Configuration, Customization and Implementation

    With years of experience in ERP implementation, support services and back-office operations, WNS brings a unique combination of functional and technical expertise to support Oracle applications-based solutions. Our functional teams provide critical functional inputs to create a user-friendly, modular plug ‘n play solution on Oracle suite of products, whereas our technology architects ensure development of a robust and scalable Oracle platform that allows clients to meet current as well as future requirements.

    WNS itself is one of the biggest users of Oracle e-Business ERP in the world, and has a very strong business relationship with Oracle Corporation. We have leveraged Oracle AIM methodology to develop our own approach to implement Oracle applications. It is based on Oracle Deployment Kit, a fully configured R11i / R12 instance, tied to configuration settings, process flows, and test scripts. WNS Oracle deployment kit is available for:

    • Procure-to-Pay (P2P)
    • General accounting
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Manufacturing
    • Order-to-Cash (O2C)
    • HRMS and payroll

    We follow a systematic approach to implement Oracle E-Business Suite for an entire system or module implementation. The methodology involves the following phases:

    • Mobilization Phase, which includes scope and resource confirmation
    • Design and Development Phase, which includes future state refinement; Oracle E-Business Suite configuration and CRP1; conversions, interfaces and customization development; and systems integration test – CRP2
    • Implementation / Roll-Out Phase including training, User Acceptance Testing (UAT); go-live readiness assessment; cutover dress rehearsal; and production support
  • Interface Design, Development and Implementation

    WNS provides strong Oracle integration solutions involving integration of various ERP or non-ERP systems with Oracle ERP. The interface is designed based on which application is required to be integrated with Oracle and whether the direction of flow of data would be to or from Oracle Apps. The data transmission volume and frequency, transmission mechanism, and infrastructure requirements are also taken into account while developing and implementing the interface. WNS’ Oracle ERP interface experience includes, but is not limited to:

    • Fusion middleware
    • Integration using web methods and IBM products
    • Application and process integration
    • ERP / legacy to ERP integration
    • Application and database hosting
    • Oracle bolt-on products like accounts payable workbench, vendor portal and P-card
  • Enterprise Platform Integration / Optimization

    Along with providing skilled Oracle ERP implementation capabilities, WNS also provides Oracle ERP optimization solutions to its customers. Many companies implement Oracle ERP solutions without realizing their true potential and benefits. By way of our continuous improvement program, we offer much-needed optimization services, which not only help organizations realize the true potential of their Oracle enterprise, but also enjoy maximum return on investment. WNS’ Oracle ERP optimization services include, but are not limited to:

    • Complete assessment of the existing Oracle ERP platform of the client
    • Gap analysis between Oracle ERP functionality and business process requirements
    • Suggestions for improving existing Oracle ERP functionalities and for continuous Oracle ERP improvement
    • Strong business intelligence, reporting and insight generation
    • Complete Oracle ERP functional and technical support throughout the optimization lifecycle
    • Maximum realization of capabilities and benefits of Oracle ERP resulting in increased returns on investment
  • ERP Training

    WNS, with a rich resource pool of Oracle functional and technical experts, provides high-end training services to clients, post the implementation of Oracle ERP. These services include training on various Oracle ERP modules designed to integrate and streamline a company’s business processes and transactions. Oracle ERP training not only enables the client’s employees to operate, manage and maintain the ERP modules, but also to participate in catering to the ERP change management needs of the company. Various training resources, such as live demonstrations, workshops, complete documentation on the related module, training manuals, etc., complement our ERP training services, including training on various Oracle modules like:

    • Financial solutions
    • Procure-to-Pay (P2P)
    • General accounting
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Manufacturing
    • Order-to-Cash (O2C)
    • HRMS and payroll
  • ERP Upgrades

    In the ever-changing world of Oracle applications, when one technology replaces the other with the blink of an eye, there is a dire need for timely enhancements and upgrades to technology, database and applications. WNS provides world-class Oracle ERP upgrade services, which enable clients to get the much-needed edge over their competitors. These services help our clients to stay abreast of the latest in Oracle technology and draw maximum benefits out of the updates. Upgrade services include, but are not limited to, technology upgrades:

    • Oracle R12 upgrades
    • PeopleSoft upgrades
    • JD Edwards upgrades
    • Application upgrades
    • Database upgrades
    • Platform migration

Other ERP Systems

WNS offers a wide range of ERP agnostic products and solutions that enhance and complement the client ERP systems, empowering them to achieve business and operational efficiency.

Besides SAP and Oracle, we have proven expertise on other ERP solutions that enable the client to achieve operational efficiency.


We offer a wide range of ERP agnostic products and solutions that enhance and complement the client’s ERP systems, empowering them to achieve business and operational efficiency. Along with Oracle and SAP, these products are compatible with other ERP solutions like Lawson, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics, to name a few. Our dynamic spectrum of enterprise products and solutions also cater to various home-grown client ERP solutions.

These ERP agnostic products include imaging and data extraction platforms, vendor and customer portals, workflow solutions, collections and cash application tools, order management tools, reconciliation tools, reporting tools, etc.


Besides Oracle and SAP, WNS’ service offerings include other ERP solutions like Lawson, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics, and so on. These services entail configuration, customization and implementation; interface design, development and implementation; enterprise platform integration and optimization; ERP support; ERP training; and ERP upgrades.

WNS BizAps ERP Bolt-ons

WNS’ finance and accounting platforms are finite ERP enhancements, which allow for step-change process improvements to a business, thereby improving RoI on the client’s existing ERP infrastructure and investments. Significant benefits can be achieved through the use of these products either individually or as part of a program of continuous improvement. We offer the BizAps family of Procure-to-Pay (P2P) and Order-to-Cash (O2C) solutions, as well as partner solutions from Trintech.


  • BizAps Web Invoice Approval

    For businesses with a large sundries and consumables requirement, the BizAps Web Invoice Approval solution can be particularly beneficial as goods receipts may not always be posted. Under defined circumstances, invoices which are posted to SAP (usually non-goods receivable) get automatically blocked. A message generated and e-mailed to the person responsible for receiving the goods or service. As these items are typically charged to a cost center, the cost center manager is also copied. The approver, who may not be a SAP user, then has to click on a link in the e-mail. The link takes the user to a web application where he can see the details of the invoice and, if applicable, the purchase order (PO). The user can then click on an ‘Approve’, ‘Withhold’ or ‘Re-assign’ button.

    The benefits of implementing Web Invoice Approval include:

    • A streamlined invoice approval process
    • Integration with corporate e-mail system
    • Effective usage of accounts payable resources
    • Faster turnaround of supplier invoices
    • Improved supplier relationships
  • Bizaps Invoice Registration and Coding

    WNS now makes it possible for client organizations to put an end to paperwork while allocating accounts and cost centers to non-PO invoices. The BizAps Invoice Registration and Coding is a web-based solution for coding and posting parked non-PO invoices. With this web-based solution, one can distribute the document electronically to users for coding.

    This can produce significant benefits for the accounts payable (AP) department when processing non-PO invoices, including:

    • Zero paperwork
    • Reduction of manual effort and invoice processing time; increased accuracy
    • The BizAps Invoice Registration and Coding solution can be combined with other AP components to produce a highly automated AP process.
  • BizAps Vendor Portal

    The WNS BizAps Vendor Portal provides a single web interface for the client’s suppliers to log in and view open orders and queries as well as to submit information to the client, such as electronic invoices, delivery notifications, schedules, acknowledgements, and more. This information is sent directly to and from the client’s ERP system, allowing rapid interaction between the client and its vendors.

  • BizAps Accounts Payable Workbench

    WNS’ BizAps Accounts Payable (AP) Workbench allows clients to manage their electronic invoicing (e-invoice) processes in one central area. All electronic documents, which do not match automatically against the Purchase Order due to price / quantity differences or that need to be coded are blocked, and are made visible within the user-friendly Workbench. It shows at a glance the status of the document and what actions have been, or are required to be, taken to progress through the posting cycle. The journey of any document sent around the business is fully documented and can be reviewed within the AP Workbench, providing visibility throughout the business for the AP department.


  • XML / EDI Purchase Order Processing

    Using the solution, clients can fully automate the ordering process between their organization and suppliers using Extensible Markup Language(XML) or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The solution also allows clients to receive order acknowledgements, change orders, shipping notifications and invoices via the same XML or EDI channel.

    The benefits of implementing this solution are:

    • Streamlined and effective communication with suppliers
    • Notifications sent and received quickly
    • Increased data accuracy due to reduction in re-keying
    • Reduced time for order processing
    • Reduced clerical workload for order and invoice processing
    • Ability to operate order acceptance 24X7
    • Future proof use of XML
    • Reduction in cost due to manual errors
    • Allows client staff to focus on more critical tasks
  • BizAps Xponential Procurement Card Solution

    WNS has developed a comprehensive solution to address the issues faced by companies using Procurement Cards (also known as purchasing cards or P-Cards). The system is fully integrated and addresses a range of issues across integration, automatic reconciliation and compliance within the ERP system. The solution can be integrated directly with a number of banks or card providers to automate the receipt of statements. Once the integration is complete, the buying organization can receive statements whenever required. It can also be used with ghost (lodge) cards as a form of payment for the client’s suppliers.

  • SAP SRM – Design and Implementation

    WNS has a close relationship with SAP as a Services Partner, and has worked on a number of recent implementations of release 5 and release 7, as well as advising on and executing upgrades. Our consultants understand the process as well as the technical side of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).The consultants are also armed with the knowledge of how the solutions fit into the overall P2P strategy while ensuring that process efficiencies in the procurement side do not translate into process inefficiencies on the payables side.

  • Oracle iProcurement – Design and Implementation

    WNS has an experienced Oracle ERP implementation team that has worked with a number of clients to assist them in the analysis and implementation of Oracle iProcurement. We are a big user of iProcurement, and have a wealth of experience to bank on, when advising clients regarding the design and implementation of Oracle-based solutions.


  • BizAps Vendor Portal

    WNS’ BizAps Vendor Portal provides a single web interface for the client’s suppliers to log in and view open orders and queries as well as to submit information to clients, such as electronic invoices, delivery notifications, schedules, acknowledgements, and more. These communication pieces are sent directly to and from the client’s ERP system, thus facilitating rapid interaction between clients and their vendors.

  • BizAps Dynamic Discount Manager

    WNS’ SAP BizAps Dynamic Discount Manager provides clients with a mechanism to create and manage an offer of discounted early payment to their suppliers. Vendor invoices, which have cleared payment earlier than the agreed terms, can be offered for early payment to the vendor with an applied discount. The discount reduces over time, reaching zero when the due payment date approaches.

    The benefits of implementing this solution include:

    • Clients now have a tool to leverage greater discounts from suppliers
    • Strengthened business relationships between buyers and suppliers
    • Allow suppliers to choose their level of discount


Electronic Card Payment

The Electronic Card Payment Solution enables clients to fully integrate any payments accepted from their customers with the financial items in ERP and additional systems, if required. The solution provides seamless integration and automation of ERP payment card functionality for rapid real-time authorizations and settlements of all types of card payments. Additionally, payment accuracy can be improved as the amounts to be debited are automatically inserted in to the payment fields.

Periodic Activities

BizAps SAP Accruals Accounting

A significant number of non-stock goods receipts typically remain un-posted at month-end in SAP. Thus, the costs that have been incurred in the period are often understated. These costs exist across multiple cost objects. The WNS BizAps solution for accruals and commitment accounting is based on the standard purchase order cycle within SAP, and provides a report on those items that may fall into this category, as well as the option to create a reversing journal for some or all of the items.

Partner Solutions

WNS has partnered with Trintech for offering end-to-end record-to-report (R2R) services.

Trintech Unity Suite Financial Software

WNS has partnered with Trintech for offering end-to-end record-to-report (R2R) services. Trintech’s Unity Suite Financial Software automates account reconciliation while providing operational reconciliation ranging from high-volume transactions through workflow, controls and compliance – including MS Excel spreadsheets and template-based reconciliation management.

  • Account Reconciliation

    ReconNET and AssureNET are reconciliation and accounting balancing tools from Trintech. These tools help in increasing efficiencies, tighten controls, reduce risks, leverage cash and make more informed decisions. Its key features include:

    • Controlled accounting recovery
    • Comprehensive audit trail and reporting
    • Menu-driven account administration
    • Groupings and hierarchical user controls
    • Data encryption
    • Automation of ACH calculation / NACHA file creation
    • Managing high-volume (>15K items per minute) transactions through workflow, controls and compliance – including automated matching, exception management and reconciliation
    • Automation of daily, monthly and periodic reconciliation and account balances
    • Reduction of reconciliation processing from weeks to days (general ledger accounts, lockbox, etc.)
    • Reduction in write-offs
  • Financial Close Management

    Trintech Unity Financial Close Management Solution provides advanced general ledger collaboration and workflow environment, providing a transparent system of record for all financial processes. The solution offers a disciplined approach to the close task management. It provides the control, compliance and communication controllers access to an integrated close process that tightly links financial numbers with the relevant controls, reconciliations and close tasks. The key components of Unity Financial Close Management Solution include:

    • Task status console
    • Dependency console
    • Collaboration tools
    • Workflow, scheduler and action plans
    • Version control
    • Activity profiles
    • MS Excel-based import manager
  • Financial Reporting

    Trintech Financial Reporting includes automation, consolidation and reporting of complex financial processes, supported by embedded eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) tagging. No other embedded XBRL reporting solution offers a comparable level of integration. Its key features include:

    • Controls and Reporting - Powerful reporting tools that allow comparison of key performance metrics to optimize processes and financial relationships
    • Exception Reporting and Management - Detection and flagging of issues for review, quick resolution of exceptions and elimination of losses due to fraud, error or unnecessary charge-backs, providing insight into unique business trends allowing for proactive reduction of losses
    • GL Reporting Engine - Provides an analysis of quality and risk across accounts and non-reconciled items
    • Financial Analytics - Provides visibility into conditions affecting financial risk
    • Variance Analysis - Supports preparation of variance / fluctuation analysis at both an individual account level and summary balance sheet roll-up level
    • Trending Analysis - Facilitates the review of account balances or line items across time
    • Aging Analysis - Provides an analysis of quality and risk across accounts and non-reconciled balances
    • Coverage Statistics - Monitors key indicators including percentage completion and coverage
    • Pro-forma Trial Balance Reporting - Provides a measure of materiality of un-posted adjustments
  • Concur Travel and Expenses Processing

    WNS-Concur Travel and Expense is on-demand travel content blended with expense reporting that transforms the way business travel expenses are managed. It is a seamless, simple, efficient, automated platform for Travel and Expense, a web-based utility tool, and also has mobile application compatibility. The key features of this solution include:

    • Mobile access
    • Book travel
    • 'Eliminate Expense’ reports
    • Exclusive smart expenses
    • Audit capabilities
    • Payment
    • Data analysis and reporting
  • SeeInfobiz

    WNS-SeeInfobiz solution provides web-based real-time self-service module to help manage end-to-end customer communication enabling customers to access though web, WAP, kiosks, mobile or hand-held devices. It acts as a platform to provide Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) solutions for e-fulfillment of customer statements, documents, policies, etc.

    The solution primarily consists of three modules:

    • CLICK Power and Speed Statements – A web-based solution offering electronic statement processing, presentment, print and self-care facilities through a web portal
    • CLICK Customer Self-service – Enables real time self-service though the web, WAP, kiosk, mobile, or hand-held devices
    • m-CLICK – Mobile Communication – Offers communication on mobile device
  • coAction

    WNS has partnered with coAction, a leading provider of end-to-end order-to-cash (O2C) and e-invoicing services. These services provide hosted and Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions to automate the O2C financial supply chain. The key modules of this O2C platform include:

    • Collections Workbench – This module enables automation of the collections process. It includes functionalities like:
      • Segmentation of receivables into various categories such as high risk, high value, low risk, etc.
      • Customized segmentation
      • Workflow specific to each segment for different processes within receivables process such as confirmations, reminders and payment follow-ups
      • Automation of key alerts such as missed promise to pay, and confirmations to key people within the organization
      • Built-in financial CRM home page for each collector along with a single organized collector view, which includes a personal calendar with a day, week and month view with task prioritization, collection details, notes history, action details, invoice images and status changes with pre-defined templates customized for each account group and segment
    • Cash Application – The cash application tool has a built-in cash management module, which has capabilities to match invoices and throw exceptions and suggest suitable solutions based upon auto-matching rules engine. Exceptions are prioritized and then reviewed by operators. The cash can be applied against a group of invoices or its components either in full or part. In case of discrepancies, the invoice or payment can be disputed. The same transaction can have multiple statuses associated with it where payment can be applied and the unconfirmed deductions can be categorized as ‘disputed’ within the cash management solution.

    • Customer Portal – This module supports sales, finance and billing, order management, and service and support processes. Its key features include:

      • Easy and secure provisioning
      • Account management of address / bank information and statements
      • Invoice access using web-based delivery, email delivery and print services
      • Payments for accounts or invoices, discount management, and bank transfers / credit card payments
      • Customer support
      • Dispute claim management
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