IT Infrastructure and Process Design / Re-engineering

We have designed and deployed diverse data and voice connectivity solutions for more than 200 clients using our industry standard infrastructure, experienced solution design / project management / operations teams, and robust delivery methodology. The IT solution delivery is tied into the overall WNS EnABLE Transition Methodology. The solution implementation is typically managed as a sub-project under the overall transition program. Our solution design and delivery methodology employs a collaborative model, which enables the client and us to accurately determine the requirements, and design / build / test, and deliver a robust and efficient solution. To build solutions that meet the transactional, usability, scalability, resilience, performance and security requirements of the processes, our IT transition team collaborates with the client’s IT management / operational teams. To enable the same, we deploy two IT management resources for each technology transition, the solution architect / owner, and the project manager.

The process design and delivery lifecycle has the following four stages:

  • Engage
  • Architect
  • Build
  • Learn / Execute

Network and Remote Infrastructure Management

We have designed and built WNSnet, a high-capacity Multi Protocol Line Switching (MPLS) network, owned and managed by us, to provide reliable and robust connectivity from client locations in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America to our delivery centers in India, Europe, Costa Rica, the Philippines and Sri Lanka. WNSnet is designed on DS3 (45 mbps) leased circuits connected to carrier grade Juniper M series routers (M20, M10i and M7i) running the MPLS cross-connect protocol.

Our connectivity offerings include:

  • Client attachment over WNSnet
  • Internet connectivity
  • VPN based connectivity

Application access methodologies:

  • Citrix access
  • Remote application access
  • Hybrid access

Managed Services and Hosting

WNS has data centers at Mumbai, Pune and Gurgaon in India with over 25,000 sq. ft. of floor space. We host servers for over 125 clients in the data centers and also all the servers required for WNS corporate applications. We have partnerships with co-location providers in US / UK where it has set up Points-of-Presence (POP). These are large carrier grade facilities built for very high reliability and uptime. All facilities have separate ‘Meet-me’ rooms for hosting network and telecom equipment. The equipment at the POPs in US / UK is managed from WNS’ Network Operations Center (NOC) based in India. WNS has high bandwidth connectivity from the data centers to the Internet and between various data centers / POPs for Business Continuity Planning (BCP). Its key features are:

  • All data centers and international POPs interconnected over an MPLS network on DS3 circuits
  • Internet connectivity of 44 mbps from multiple ISPs
  • Connectivity can be extended to client locations on leased lines (E1 / DS3) and Internet

We provide complete managed services at all its data centers. The services are provided by a dedicated server team based in India. The managed services offering includes support for the following:

  • Over 500 servers on a variety of hardware platforms - HP Blades, Intel (stand-alone and blade), SUN, IBM
  • Storage / back-up devices – SAN, NetApp NAS, LTO, DLT
  • Windows and Unix (Solaris, AIX, Linux) Operating System environments
  • Central back-up on Veritas platform using a dedicated back-up LAN
  • Database administration for Oracle and SQL Server

We currently host various critical application platforms for clients and internal systems for corporate use. The platforms include ERP systems, business process management and workflow solutions, document management platforms and custom applications deployed for specific clients.

IT Support and Helpdesk

As one of the pure-play BPM pioneers, we have a sound understanding of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework. The competency developed over the years by working with various clients across verticals is under constant upgrade. The ITIL framework categorizes processes as Strategic, Tactical and Operational level processes. WNS IT support services include processes for the following tasks:

  • Service desk
  • Incident management
  • Problem tracking and resolution
  • Change control and management
  • Configuration management
  • Release management

We also offer a unified suite of IT support interfaces to our clients through customer interaction services, incident management, problem management, change management, configuration management and Release Management processes. The key features of IT support Interface, are as follows:

  • Level 0 – IT customer interaction center is available 24x7x365 days and can be reached through e-mail, IP Phone or direct phone lines from our delivery centers
  • Manage engine service desk plus from Adventnet is used for logging / triggered escalation of tickets
  • IEEE-based severity classification designed per customer
  • Planned outage schedules are managed and maintained via a change control process
  • IT escalation and notification plans tailored to meet customer requirement
  • Notifications by e-mail, SMS, and telephone by the IT contact center
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