WNS has designed and deployed diverse software testing solutions with its proprietary ‘Fit-For- Purpose (F4P)’ model. This model enables us to leverage our deep vertical domain expertise combined with rich process consulting and delivery experience to provide ‘business-centric’ testing. The team is backed by a rich set of assets, including internal tools, processes, methodologies, accelerators and automation harness that significantly cut down delivery timelines.

Key features of the F4P model are:

  • “F4P” application assurance model combines upstream defect prevention with robust downstream defect detection and risk management services.
  • We engage with client’s subject matter experts (SME) to understand business expectations and define the “Fit for Purpose” goals
  • Highlight the gaps in requirement documents
  • SMEs continuously create domain assets that act as accelerators in specific situations. They create industry level assets including functional decomposition models to reduce test design time, increased traceability, reduce rework and time-to-market
  • Knowledge management techniques help minimize ‘knowledge transfer losses / leakage’ and ensure equal knowledge flow throughout teams
  • Training and refresher workshops facilitate structured knowledge transfer, retention and enhancement
Manual Testing
Independent functional testing
Integration, system and UAT testing
Domain specific testing
Security testing
Compliance testing
Test Consulting
Test strategy
Test processes and methods
Monitoring and reporting framework
Tools assessment and fitment
Test Automation
Automation tools and scripts
Automation of data migration
Regression and functional test automation
Packaged test automation
Performance Testing
Load testing
Volume testing
Stress and endurance testing
Performance monitoring
Value Added Services
Increased test case coverage
Library of pre-built test scenarios with broad functional coverage
Standardization and management of quality process
Test automation and script migration
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