Customers are expecting more from the banking industry as a result of advancements in technology. Mobile and Internet banking are popular transaction channels, but they compel banks to innovate new customer engagement models that deliver seamless multi-channel experience. In addition, a stronger regulatory environment is also forcing banks to continually overhaul systems, mitigate risks, lower costs and focus on growth opportunities. To manage expectations, banks will need to innovate and transform themselves to prepare for the future. Focus areas for banks include developing customer specific distribution channels (mobile, online, physical branches), simplifying business and operating models, obtaining customer intelligence proactively and managing risks.

WNS understands the constraints and the opportunities that retail financial services companies face. We partner with retail financial services companies to enable them to outperform in a challenging environment with our Business Process Management (BPM) offerings.

WNS’ customer interaction services helped the client migrate its customers to digital platforms to save costs,..
WNS completed the complex work of profiling HNI customers and launched the campaign within one week of concept..
WNS leveraged its strength in customer interaction services to up-sell the client’s offerings, which helped in..

The WNS Advantage

Knowledge of Regulations and Infosecurity

We adhere to stringent information security guidelines to ensure that client data and information remain secure. Each team member completes mandatory online compliance training such as:

  • Knowledge of Bank Secrecy Act / Anti Money Laundering
  • Enterprise Security
  • PCI-DSS for credit card related processes
  • Fraud risk and compliance management
  • ISO audit training to maintain information security and quality parameters
  • Claritas

Domain Expertise

With our large pool of financial services professionals and process experts, retail banking clients get access to the right talent and skills at the right time. Strong teams with IT and marketing knowledge as well as experienced personnel culled from the financial services industry and assisted by our analytics teams have been the backbone of some our campaign management engagements. Over the years, these teams have developed best practices to create efficient standardization and automation processes. Our deep experience of tackling challenges for retail banking clients enables us to preempt many issues and customize solutions to counter them.

"WNS has enabled our team to deliver high quality files within tight deadlines to make sure that now we are able to execute much more number of campaigns with much improved response rate. The campaign model and training framework created by WNS are now employed at our end to upskill our resources I wanted to express my sincerest appreciation to the entire WNS team for assisting us with delivering our CPU model early. We got a great initial response to our PWM campaigns, first few sales average $5000 of revenue on each sale "
- A leading retail bank

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