Customer demands and expectations are rising with increased market awareness. Added to that is the explosion of opportunities for customer interaction. In order to maintain a competitive edge in such a scenario, CPG companies are partnering with business process management companies to develop better insights about customers and reach out to them with a personalized, unique shopping experience tailored to their needs across multiple channels.

The past few years have seen a fundamental change in the manner in which consumers seek out information about new products, make purchasing decisions and communicate with one another. Shifting customer expectations are impacting the way customer service is delivered. There is a need for organizations in the CPG sector to develop an enterprise-wide understanding of the next generation customer and deploy effective solutions. Companies in this sector are increasingly relying on the expertise of CPG outsourcing solution providers.

The WNS Next Gen Customer Service Solution helps companies move from customer relationship management to trans-channel enhanced customer experience with multi-channel commerce initiatives. The solution works at innovating the customer interface (providing multiple channels, technology innovation), leveraging customer service and insight for revenue growth, integrating service channel management across all customer touch points, establishing customer-centricity and increasing efficiency through streamlined processes and systems.

The WNS Next Gen Customer Service Solution serves as a strategic differentiator that helps CPG companies:

  • Transition customers seamlessly from social network to web chat to voice to website to match the customer's preference or the most effective resolution mechanism
  • Push resolutions proactively to all channels, including social media, websites and YouTube
  • Support new channels and store brands through a scalable solution
  • Create a uniform consumer experience across channels
  • Multi-channel Optimization Framework
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