With increased competition and pricing pressures, Retail and CPG companies are increasingly focusing on revenue management in order to cater to their customer's needs and make sure that the right product is available at the right time and at the right price. Companies in this sector are partnering with retail and CPG outsourcing providers who can employ disciplined analytics to predict consumer behavior, thereby ensuring product availability at the best price to increase revenue growth.

CPG companies are the most prolific users of marketing campaigns and advertisements to woo consumers. However, with multiple campaigns and advertisements hitting the consumer simultaneously, what really matters is the impact of the message and the conversion rate to justify the ROI.

Businesses in this sector also find it challenging to collect revenues in a timely manner, putting pressure on top-line growth. Outsourcing revenue management is the next logical step in this scenario.

With profit margins shrinking, companies are looking beyond traditional revenue management systems. The WNS Revenue Management Solution includes advanced price sensitive forecasting, demand forecasting, analytical services, and asset and pricing optimization that work towards maximizing profits. The WNS solution offers transaction and interaction-based campaign strategies and loyalty management programs.

The WNS Revenue Management Solution helps CPG companies:

  • Achieve relevant, timely and intelligent Campaign Management
  • Perform effective root-cause analysis for common conversion bottlenecks and suggest solutions accordingly
  • Monitor responses to newly launched campaigns, customer perceptions, appropriateness of messaging via advertisements
  • Get real-time feedback and insights on campaign effectiveness to help improve campaign messaging
  • Monitor offers from competition and design rebuttals and better offers

The WNS Revenue Management Solution helps CPG companies with better credit control and collections.

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