Insurance companies are using increasingly sophisticated methods to predict and identify fraud to cut losses. With advanced analytics and predictive modeling techniques, insurers can detect early signs of suspicious claims.

WNS’ Fraud Detector solution proactively captures and flags potential fraud cases across various types of claims. Its automated search capability looks for anomalous patterns in claims. This capability, when combined with demographic clustering, helps identify risk patterns. Integrating effortlessly with client databases, the solution also enables dynamic fraud prediction. The insurer is then able to take appropriate steps to prevent financial leakages through fraudulent settlement of claims.



Proactively captures and flags potential fraud cases


Identifies high-risk patterns with analytics and demographic clustering techniques



Integrates seamlessly with client databases


Key Benefits:


Early detection of fraud


Reduced financial leakage through robust control on fraudulent payouts



Reduced manual intervention



Enhanced productivity


" This allows Aviva to continue our working relationship with a provider that truly understands the insurance industry and has a tireless commitment to process excellence and customer care, making WNS our partner of choice. "
Cathryn Riley

Chief Operating Officer, Norwich Union Life, Chairman, Aviva Global Services

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