Meter-to-cash is an important process for utility and energy companies and features downstream in the utilities value chain. It involves direct end customer interaction and impacts the revenue cycle. Increased competition, the need for optimization and the shift to smart meter deployment in recent times have led many utility and energy companies to outsource the meter-to-cash function.

The growing adoption of smart meters has meant that the industry has to cope with new demands on the Customer Information System (CIS). Smart meter deployment has created some unique needs such as providing customer support to handle the innovative time-based rates offered. By partnering with a Business Process Management (BPM) provider, companies can drive efficiency, build on existing key process metrics, optimize cash flow through better revenue realization and thereby, increase price competitiveness.

By leveraging BPM services, utility and energy providers have the benefit of advanced technology without upfront investment and gain better customer insight through analytics. This helps streamline business processes that, in turn, reduce operational costs. WNS’ integrated Meter-to-Cash solution is available as a turnkey, fully-hosted, managed services solution, which combines CIS platform capabilities with various customer services like account management, billing support, exceptions handling, collections and analytics.

The WNS CIS platform is designed to minimize upfront investments and implementation time, while increasing flexibility to adapt to market and regulatory changes. It incorporates more than 80 utility best practices, is flexible, and supports multiple delivery models like onsite, hosted, pre-configured and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Our offerings for Meter-to-Cash services include customer care services like billing, payment, helpdesk, exception handling credit and collections and analytics-based services (for example, debt analytics, fraud analytics, etc.)

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