Process Maturity Model

By leveraging our vast expertise and experience across enabling, improving and executing different business processes, we have designed, developed and successfully deployed an industry leading and proprietary Process Maturity Model (PMM) for different processes. These processes include all the sub-towers of an F&A function, namely accounts payable (AP), order-to-cash (OTC) and record-to-report (RTR). The PMM includes granular benchmarks across process, people and technology parameters for those processes in-scope. These benchmarks are then customized based on the industry, size and scale of target business unit. Finally, it has best practices aligned to each of the granular benchmarks to help define roadmaps for improvements.

Clients partner with us to identify existing performance gaps and cost saving potential through relevant and specific benchmarks. While identifying the gaps, the PMM takes into account the client’s industry, revenue size, and employee count.

The PMM enables us to evaluate, measure, define tangible performance gaps and develop an actionable roadmap for client processes to achieve best-in-class performance.

The PMM is used by client organizations to:

  • Determine which capabilities are important for meeting the long and short term business goals
  • Assess current capabilities and identify internal best practices using benchmarking and global best-in-class
  • Identify relative gaps between current state and desired state of F&A operations, and demonstrate the change management required
  • Understand the prospective cost of ‘jumping maturity levels’ for effective decision-making

With our unique ‘Metric-to-Maturity’ approach, our PMM comes with a ready suite of solutions for deployment. This approach enables speedier realization of gains with low risk process transformation solutions, bolt-on technologies and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, leading to improved process capability and maturity.

A graphical representation of WNS’ proprietary PMM

Process Maturity Model
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