In our experience, a majority of contemporary enterprises believe that the competitive landscape of their industries will be re-defined by Big Data, along with disruptive innovations and changes in technology. The companies that fail to adopt a data analytics strategy in the near future risk losing market share and momentum.

Moving beyond past data analysis to predictive analytics is becoming essential to compete in the future. At WNS, we have seen our clients increasingly willing to adopt newer technology and trends to predict business outcomes, build better applications and solutions, and solve business problems.

In an endeavor to inculcate the change in the analytics domain and to be a front-runner in the BPM industry, we have established an Analytics Incubation Center (AIC). This center nurtures an advanced analytics culture to solve the growing Big Data and analytical challenges of our clients. The AIC collaborates with client and industry experts to select analytics solutions for incubation. The key objectives include creating new lines of competency, building solution prototypes, testing new business use cases, executing proof of concepts and developing intelligent applications. The center comprises data and analytics specialists with both statistical and technical expertise.

The AIC incubates solutions in the following areas:

  • Text analytics: Our text analytics team develops Next-Gen text mining solutions for extracting hidden semantics in unstructured data and integrating them into a causal and predictive framework to derive insights. The team focuses on developing Natural Language Processing (NLP) based algorithm to mine textual data.
  • Social media analytics: The social media analytics team incubates analytics solutions in the areas of sentiment analytics and social network analytics. These solutions help enterprises gather intelligence from social media data on the enterprise, customer and competitors with respect to brand, products and services. These insights can further be used to improve customer experience, product development strategies and customer service.
  • Big Data analytics: The Big Data analytics team identifies Big Data problems of our clients and develops efficient algorithms that exploit the different data sources, including both structured data and unstructured data.
  • BI / Visualization solution: The visualization team incubates solutions, which combine data, analyzes trends, and shares valuable business intelligence (BI) in a more engaging and effective way. The team focuses on developing a tool-agnostic approach, which can offer visualization solutions in a personalized, intuitive format and allows users to easily absorb information with custom visualizations. It also focuses on developing solutions, which can be deployed on-premise, cloud, or mobile.

The AIC actively collaborates with WNS’ vertical solution and capability teams to incubate industry-specific solutions such as claims analytics, customer analytics, campaign management, and fraud analytics.


Analytics Incubation Center
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