At the core of every organizational strategy is the goal to outdo competition and emerge as a leader. Globalization has brought in its wake myriad opportunities to achieve this goal, but has also brought its share of unprecedented challenges. Most organizations, therefore, partner with strategic consultants that can provide an outside-in perspective and guidance aligned with the business strategy at hand. Organizations also need models where they can transfer the risk and expect more ownership on outcomes from the partner.

As a leading global Business Process Management (BPM) provider, WNS leverages its experience across change management, process improvement, domain capabilities and automation to bring about transformation in the client’s business. With a hands-on approach to consulting, we partner with clients through their journey of transformation. We remain differentiated as we also enable implementation of the recommended solutions. Our BPM-based consulting model enables clients to realize expected business value and outcome, lowering the risk of change and hastening the process of benefit realization.


Target Operating Model Design

Every organization aims to achieve a desired operating model that best meets organizational objectives of cost control and efficiency. Leading organizations partner with us to analyze, select and implement an optimum business model, which allows them to achieve their strategic vision and alignment with organizational goals.

Our Target Operating Model (TOM) design is a culmination of our deep domain knowledge, understanding of key business priorities, industry trends and automation. With TOM, we work with clients to sort, segregate, standardize and design an organizational flow covering:

  • Multi-tier governance and risk model
  • People management model
  • Quality assurance deployment
  • Process management capabilities, including IT systems

Business Process Due Diligence

We work with our clients to address aspects such as ‘Where-to-Focus’ and ‘How-to-Improve’ and develop high ROI models with a quicker rate of return through our due diligence and approach to transformation.

We leverage established transformational and re-engineering frameworks such as ADAPT , Value Innovation Program through VISION FrameworkSM, and Process Maturity Models with plug and play bolt-on tools.

This approach enables us to offer clients a flexible plan that combines their business objectives, metric measures, and best practices to develop winning solutions that can be applied to any stream of business for driving transformation.

WNS’ Target Operating Model

Target Operating Model

Benchmarking and Process Maturity Assessment

Businesses use benchmarks to assess their performance. However, it is important to choose an appropriate yardstick to ensure that the results are comparable and relevant.

At WNS, we take a forward-looking approach to benchmarking. We leverage our expertise of working with clients across multiple industries and geographies on more than 80 finance and accounting processes to compare and contrast performance at a very granular and process level. We also set benchmarks of best practices as well as RoI in implementation of those best practices based on industry-specific size and scale.

Through our ready-to-deploy, proprietary Process Maturity Model (PMM), we enable our clients to identify and quantify existing performance gaps and develop an actionable roadmap to achieve best-in-class performance.

Our PMM is based on more than 150 business metrics and 300 best practices spread across accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR) and general and administrative (GA), and covers various aspects such as cost, processes, people and technology.

Business Process Re-engineering

Changing business environments compel organizations to re-engineer their business processes in order to stay relevant.

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) involves re-thinking, re-structuring and re-designing processes to achieve significant improvements in performance, effectiveness and streamlining processes with organizational business strategy.

We work with clients from different industry verticals to re-engineer their processes to drive dramatic improvements in areas important to customers and other stakeholders. We identify key organizational goals, cost structure, business performance and map them against current process flow and output to understand process gaps. This information is then used to re-design and create a ‘right-fit’ future state model.

Our proprietary BPR model, ADAPT, seamlessly integrates client processes and environment to deliver the right solution by combining the art and science of process management, technology transformation and risk management.

Process Optimization

Every organization aims to reduce cost, transaction processing time and risk of errors while increasing time spent on value added activities. We partner with clients to address key challenges, which most organizations face while managing their F&A function like excessive manual processing, decentralized operating models and lack of standardization, inadequate technology for automating processes, low alignment of systems and data.

We adopt a strategic approach to enabling our clients to achieve efficiency gains and cost reduction through:

  • Process standardization, centralization and creation of shared service functions for higher efficiency and cost reduction
  • Consolidation of fragmented processes to reduce delays
  • Review technology landscape and processes against world-class benchmarks to identify opportunities for optimization
  • Design and implement processes to optimize transaction processing, implement internal controls and monitor results

Using the above approach, we have delivered benefits to multiple clients across industry verticals leading to improved system and data utilization, reduced cost per transaction, optimized working capital requirement with shorter cash conversion cycles.

Workforce Management and Optimization

At WNS, we leverage our strong people and work force management practices to develop forecasting models, workforce deployment models, shift planning, resource and bench optimization. We enable our clients to develop an intra-day and ‘day of week’ profile of the process to drive seat utilization (SU) improvements and enhance scheduling efficiencies. These result in enhanced conversion ratios, increased customer service levels and reduced wait time for responding to customer queries.

Automation and Tool Optimization

We utilize our extensive process technology evaluation experience to establish operational and financial business case for technology interventions and optimization required for streamlining process workflow, improve automation and reduce process variation.

Our team of consultants assists clients in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their business processes and technology. We partner with clients to analyze and optimize their processes and translate the business requirements into technology requirements and configure end-to-end solutions, meeting the client’s business needs.

We help our clients identify technology gaps and provide advice on choosing between new technology and optimization of existing platforms. We enable our clients to overcome technology deficiencies by offering WNS bolt-on tools targeting different business areas within finance and accounting (P2P, O2C, and R2R), insurance, contact center, healthcare and CRM.

XBRL Implementation

XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. With our rich experience in developing, deploying and managing business reporting technologies, we are a leading player in XBRL implementation. After understanding the client’s reporting and MIS requirements, we develop a customized architecture with an end-to-end assessment of reporting hierarchy, reporting template and dashboard design requirement capturing, dynamic reporting requirement capturing, customization of reports enablement, business rule engine creation, data validation rule creation, measurement system creation to data storage / warehouse and archival / retrieval systems set-up.

XBRL hugely reduces an organization’s cost of technology and lowers manual effort for data handling, along with improved efficiencies, seamless data exchange, improved analytical capability and enhanced Big Data handling capability.

Robotic Process Automation

At WNS we are enabling our clients to realize significantly lower cost per transaction, consistent output quality and accuracy, reduced turnaround times with our cutting-edge and futuristic robotics-based application. We automate our clients’ processes through our robotics-based technology solutions to deliver consistent and predictable process outputs.

Clients partner with us for deployment of configurable computer software or a ‘robot’ to comprehend and process data from existing client applications into information based on existing business logic and design for a business transaction.


Customer Interactions Service Advisory

  • Contact mapping
  • Workforce optimization
  • Multichannel optimization
  • IVR and web support optimization
  • Text, data mining and analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • NPS / CSAT / VOC analytics
  • Digital content services
  • Call quality analytics support

Finance and Accounting Advisory

  • Financial modeling
  • Budgeting and forecasting model development
  • Working capital optimization (DSO/DPO improvement)
  • Cost of F&A operations reduction
  • Cash leakage analytics
  • Forecasting and cash flow analytics & management
  • Reporting rationalization
  • Journal entry and reconciliation optimization
  • Credit portfolio analytics and management
  • Financial close cycle time reduction
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