WNS is a strategic partner for managing complex processes for clients from various industry verticals. These processes, which directly impact the clients’ bottom-line, are managed from our global delivery network.

We believe that a well-orchestrated and precise transition methodology defines the outcome of any outsourcing relationship. We, at WNS, have a mature and result-oriented transition methodology, ‘EnABLE’, to migrate client processes from their premises to our delivery locations. Our transition framework is well-defined, robust and rigorous while still allowing flexibility to accommodate unique client situations and requirements. We have transitioned over 1,000 processes, and our clients have acknowledged our transition approach by giving very positive scores in annual surveys. In the most recent survey in 2014-15, our Voice of Transition (VOT) score stood at 8.78.

Our transition framework comprises five phases, namely:

  1. Engage
  2. Architect
  3. Build
  4. Learn
  5. Execute

There are three tollgates during a transition, which serve as checkpoints and forums for joint decisions.


The transition process entails enhancing our understanding of the client’s current operating environment. Our transition team and subject matter experts (SME) engage with client teams to finalize the outlines of the engagement, the handover and establish a strong governance framework.


This phase includes creation of the program’s blueprint, agreement on transition timelines, knowledge transfer, and defining other such business-critical plans.

Tollgate #1: The progress of Engage and Architect is reviewed jointly by key stakeholders to provide Go / No Go decision. Upon successful completion, we send a ‘Voice of Transition’ survey to the client to solicit feedback on their level of satisfaction with the transition process and identify any areas that need improvement.


The key focus of this phase is to implement the IT connectivity, tools, infrastructure, documentation plans and standard operating procedures.


The Learn phase involves transfer of business process knowledge from the client to WNS team and certification of WNS team members to ensure they have the requisite knowledge to manage the business process. This phase also entails testing of the IT infrastructure and process risk assessments.

Tollgate #2: This tollgate is a Go / No Go review of readiness of all solution elements prior to going live in the WNS environment. Client success criteria are also reviewed for achievement.


During this phase, the process goes live in a WNS environment under active supervision from client resources and rigorous quality audits. The focus is on stabilizing the process and any issues related to the process are fixed.

Tollgate #3: This is a final review of the transition program and is focused on process stabilization and achievement of success criteria agreed with our clients. The process is then handed over to WNS’ operations team. This is followed by the second Voice of Transition survey, which focuses on outcomes delivered.

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