WNS R Labs brings the power of R analytics to every analyst within WNS. We have a dedicated R server run by our Data Sciences Group for large data processing. A team provides custom data analytics services using the open source technology ‘R’. R Labs are primarily focused on developing R language-based algorithms, which can be easily deployed for advanced analytics as well as developing tailored R packages for custom analyses of long-term use for clients. The R Labs team comprises data scientists, Big Data specialists, data modelers, data infrastructure specialists and statisticians.


  • Location-agnostic and does not require stand-alone machines
  • Gives access to a huge amount of memory for large data processing
  • Provides access to a wide repository of packages / libraries (no individual downloads / installation required)
  • Enables quick access to a wide variety of statistical techniques such as linear and non-linear modeling, principal components and factor analysis, time-series analysis, clustering
  • Creates data analyses faster than the users of legacy statistical software
  • Provides graphical representation of complex data with charts and graphs
  • Can be run on any Internet browser and accessed using any terminal (desktop / tablet / smartphone)
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