Social Responsibility

WNS Cares Foundation (WCF) aims to create a better and sustainable future for underprivileged children and youth. WCF, with the support of senior leadership at WNS, helps clients and employees channel their passion for community upliftment into a platform for change with the common goal of making a positive contribution to the lives of young individuals across the globe.

Mission: To ‘Educate, Empower and Enrich’ underprivileged children and youth


  • Focus on underprivileged children / youth
  • Educate beyond academics
  • Empower them to cross the bridge of social and economic divide
  • Enrich with real-life skills
  • Encourage employees / clients to give back to society

The two pillars of WCF are:

  1. Learning Centers attached to WCF supported community schools in the vicinity of our offices around the world. The curriculum at each centre matches the learning needs of the community, and our focus on ‘education beyond academics.’ Some components of the curriculum are computer literacy, career guidance, mobile libraries, English language lessons, self-defense and more.
  2. Active Volunteering through which WNS employees and clients volunteer their time, effort and resources to WCF.

A Snapshot of WCF Presence Around the World



Since the inception of WCF in January 2011, the following key achievements have been made:

  • Beneficiaries: Over 84,000
  • Volunteering Hours: More than 27,000
  • Schools: Over 170

Accolades for WCF

  • BPESA Best Community Spirit Award, 2013, 2016 – South Africa
  • Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Award (AREA), 2014 – South Asia
  • Golden Peacock Global Award for Corporate Social Responsibility, 2013
  • ABPeSA BPO Awards for Community Service, 2013
  • Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Award (AREA) for Social Empowerment, 2012-2013
  • Golden Peacock Global Award for Corporate Social Responsibility, 2012
  • Global CSR Award at World CSR Day, 2012
  • Alpha Social Responsibility Award, 2012
  • 'Stars of the Industry - BPO Excellence Awards' in the category of 'Social Change Agent', 2010-2011
  • Social Entrepreneurship Award at Asia’s Best CSR Practice Awards, 2011
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