Why Choose South Africa?

South Africa is today a leading destination for Business Process Management (BPM) services as it offers a combination of a large English-speaking talent pool with deep domain skills along with world-class infrastructure and business-friendly operating environs. The country’s geographical location makes it easy to provide round-the-clock quality services that are cost-effective to the U.S., U.K. and European markets.

Large, Skilled, English-speaking Talent Pool with Neutral Accent

By choosing South Africa, companies have access to a large talent pool of skilled, English-speaking resources with neutral accent and a strong cultural affinity to the U.K., Australia and the U.S. Every year, approximately 410,000 resources are added to the workforce from various education streams.

First-world Infrastructure and Enabling Environment

South Africa’s connectivity and infrastructure are on par with developed countries. The country also has a robust and enabling environment that is largely free of natural disasters and terrorism.

Significant Cost Savings and Investment Incentives

With favourable exchange rates coupled with incentives offered by the government to support the BPM industry, the cost of a full-time resource in South Africa is 40-50 percent lower than in the U.K. and Australia. This makes South Africa one of the most affordable offshore destinations in the world for voice processes in English.

Mature BPM Market with Strong Capabilities

South Africa is a front-runner in development when compared to other African countries. The country has a large, mature BPM market that delivers end-to-end solutions, ranging from simple to complex, judgement-intensive processes. These include a full spectrum of customer interaction services, finance and accounting processes, legal process support and human resources, among others. South Africa is strong in financial services, the legal sector, telecommunications, utilities, media, leisure and FMCG.

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