Our executive committee is accomplished and drawn from leading global organisations. Each member brings deep business acumen and domain expertise, helping us to grow ahead of the industry and deliver the best possible solutions for our clients.

Our senior executive committee includes the following individuals:

Johann Kunz heads WNS South Africa (WNS SA). Under his leadership, WNS South Africa was transformed from a captive operation supporting a UK-based BGL Insurance group to a robust Business Process Management (BPM) services provider. Today, WNS South Africa is recognised as a leader in the South African BPM industry, having won numerous industry awards. Prior to WNS, Johann held several leadership roles in Technicare (Pty), CS Holdings and UCS Solutions.
Pieter leads the overall operations, including support services, shared services and customer relationship management. He has industry-specific experience in financial services, and energy and utilities, and manages some of the key outsourced contracts for these industries. Prior to WNS, Pieter was with Spescom Ltd,Bytes Technology Group and Intellica.
Leann is responsible for Human Resources (HR). She has nearly two decades of experience in HR, and Learning and Development for financial services and BPM. Prior to WNS, Leann has worked with Bayport Financial Services and Aegis Global.
Mike is responsible for business development. He has more than three decades of experience in commercial business development and operations across various industries. Prior to WNS, he has donned leadership roles in BCX and T-Systems.
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