Organisations are beginning to understand the value of leveraging HR analytics to make informed decisions and improve their recruitment and retention capabilities, forecast future workforce requirements and develop customised training programmes. The role of the HR department has shifted from a support function to more of a strategic business partner, playing a vital role in the success of the company.

We realise that today’s human capital market is fiercely competitive and good resources are becoming increasingly scarce. With these, and other, challenges in mind, we aim to support organisations to be able to meet their desired HR objectives by using advanced analytics tools to provide insight-based value. The findings generated enable our clients to make key human capital decisions with confidence and achieve improved efficiencies and increased employee satisfaction.

The WNS Advantage

WNS takes great effort in keeping abreast of the evolving HR analytics practices and latest trends to ultimately support clients through proven effective strategy underpinned by the following:

  • Analytics CoE – We have the capability to rapidly establish an HR analytics Centre of Excellence to provide consulting analytics services and the delivery of HR projects
  • Multi-Technology experience – We have unique experience in providing HR services through an array of global platforms. As a result, it is easy for us to implement data integration and the tactical use of Business Intelligence tools to reduce costs and quickly recruit and successfully deploy the right resources
  • Next Gen models – Our advanced HR analytics helps business leaders improve their decision-making by building decision constructs and making use of data modelling. Statistical methods are also used to provide scenario-based predictive and ‘what-if’ models to depict future business state
  • Analytics talent – Our data scientists, together with our functional HR expertise, is what makes our HR Centre of Excellence so effective and our client engagements so successful. The result of this combination enables the deployment of the right resources to meet the desired objectives as set out in the proposed delivery model
  • Flexible engagement model – Clients’ needs change, and we realise that; which is why we provide flexible pricing models as part of our engagements. These models can be project-based, an ongoing relationship or outsourcing-based, either forming part of an existing larger HR outsourcing agreement or as a standalone analytics service

The WNS South Africa Advantage

  • Smart HR Analytics for decisive insights: Our HR analytics solution provides clients with evidence-based actionable insights for decision-making. We empower our clients with business intelligence that enables better employer brand positioning, hiring insights through predictive modelling, wage-cost modelling and market benchmarking. Ultimately, our HR analytics solutions have the power to redefine the strategy of organisations and drive long-term benefits and success.
  • Business Process Re-engineering: As business process experts, we identify, analyse and redesign our clients’ business process to achieve improvements in critical performance areas. We drive enhanced operational efficiency through process standardisation.
  • Industry-focused approach: WNS South Africa has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and nuances associated with each industry. Thus, we take tailor our business process outsourcing solutions to the needs of our clients’ particular industry. We combine our industry knowledge with our BPO expertise to help our clients minimise costs and focus their energies on their core competencies.
"We selected WNS because they understand operating requirements in the healthcare sector. They bring a winning combination of experience and commitment to excellence. During our rigorous selection process, WNS showed us their flexibility and significant analytics capabilities by developing a fine-tuned customized business solution. "
Jim Bechtold

SVP, Reimbursement and Government Affairs, Biomet

A ‘Major Player’ in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Business Analytics BPO Services Report 2014
Solutions at a Glance
Workforce Analytics Our advanced analytics solutions helps clients to derive the right insights to make the right decisions pertaining to their workforce and includes on-demand dashboards, current workforce trends, key performance indicators and workforce performance views.
Employee Attrition Analytics Predictive analytics techniques are used to help clients forecast the extent of employee attrition. These techniques include regression, discriminated analysis, neural networks and decision trees that collectively enable early warning signs and can help to bolster employee retention strategies.
Compensation Analytics Our Compensation Analytics solution allows our clients to analyse, compare and contrast salaries and bonuses with industry benchmarks. In addition, clients are able to develop a better understanding of the impact of compensation on performance, make sure that compensation is consistent across roles, as well as align compensation with strategic organisational goals and objectives.
Text Analytics Our advanced Text Analytics solutions gathers high-quality information using text contained in employee satisfaction surveys, feedback and comments on quarterly and annual performance reviews to ultimately help clients identify:
  • Employee mood and main concern areas
  • Employees’ and managers’ expectations around job, pay and appraisal
  • Performance measures and improvement models
Learning Analytics By extracting insights from HR specific Big Data using advanced statistical techniques, we are able to find hidden patterns that help clients to anticipate, rather than to react. Our learning analytics services serves to support and complement our Talent Analytics and other Predictive Analytics services.
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