Market estimates indicate that e-commerce will become a USD 1.4 trillion industry by 2015 – a market size larger than any market economy or a single individual sector!

However, with the surge in customers visiting Websites, businesses are still trying to get their arms around some challenges:

  • 81 percent of the times, a customer either switches channel or the brand, either due to the lack of complete information on the Website or challenges with online transactions
  • Only 2-5 percent of the people who visit an e-commerce site end up making a purchase

Organizations realize that in the absence of live interaction with the customer, it is difficult to address his / her unique need through their Website.

To overcome these challenges, it is necessary that businesses have a potent tool in their arsenal to map customer’s Web journey and proactively suggest customized recommendations.

ProGenieSM is a customized application, which does precisely this and much more!

How does ProGenieSM work?

ProGenieSM analyzes a sample of the historic Web journey data from the company’s Website. It determines a visitor’s propensity for an outcome using advanced algorithms and creates business rules, which can be pulled up on the Website in real-time. The Web footprints (referral pages, search words, campaign response) of an ambiguous visitor help trigger a recommendation or a proactive chat or a discretionary call with a customer services representative.

This trigger increases the time spent by a customer on the Website, reduces Website dropout rates and enhances the probability of a sale. Benefits of ProGenieSM

  • Increased Website stickiness per journey by 5-7 percent
  • Lift in revenues by 10-20 percent
  • The company can test and optimize its customer service channels according to the specific needs of its business and Website

With sophisticated and customized modeling, ProGenieSM is able to target and engage elusive Website visitors and make a sale.

ProgenieSM Won Gold for Best New Product or Service of the Year 2014- Software - Web Services Solution

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