With the number of social media users continuing to rise, the volume of data generated on social media platforms is growing at an exponential rate. With just under 1.5 billion active users around the world, businesses increasingly face the challenge of making sense of this mass of potentially valuable information available to them.

Our Social Media Analytics solution allows clients to gather business intelligence, information on their customers and competitors relating to brand, products and services. Leveraging these insights enables clients to sharpen their product development strategies, improve customer service and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

After analyzing the client’s need for monitoring the social media, WNS developed a best-in-class social media ..
As an existing process solutions partner, WNS extended its services to the client and gathered actionable inte..
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" Since 2004, WNS has been working as a valuable strategic partner for Coca-Cola. They’ve invested time and resources to truly understand our business model . WNS service model offers a good balance between on-site senior consultants and an agile off-shore team. They provide us with an on tap set of resources capable of tackling many of our diverse needs in the Knowledge, Insights and Analytics spaces. Their expertise and dedication makes a true difference for our team. "
Carlos Jose Fonseca

Vice President, Global Knowledge & Insights, The Coca Cola Company

Bronze for Best New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Big Data Solution at International Business Awards 2014 (The Stevies) - WADESM
Text mining analytics By using a combination of Big Data platforms and language processing algorithms, we are able analyse raw data and understand the various source languages to generate actionable insights.
Sentiment analytics We help clients by performing a sentiment analysis of unstructured data in text form to gain an understanding of the overall attitude and feelings of customers toward a particular product, service or topic. This is achieved without manually reading through thousands of documents, which saves valuable time and resources.
The aim is to extract meaningful patterns from text by making use of advanced modelling techniques. In addition, Sentiment analytics helps to:
  • Understand a consumer’s attitudes and opinions
  • Anticipate customer needs and recommend next best actions
  • Develop customized social media campaigns and promotions
Social network analytics Social network analytics helps in providing solutions to:
  • Identify the primary influencers within specific social network channels and target them with unique offers
  • Identify the best consumers for introducing new products / services
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