Spend Analytics and Opportunity Assessment

  • Spend Analytics – WNS’ spend analytics uses a standard visibility process to build a clean spend database for a client. Our solutions go a step further by providing the clients with post-implementation analysis and reporting. The client’s category managers work with the WNS team to glean through the reports and take informed decisions.
  • Opportunity Assessment – We leverage our experience to identify and quantify savings opportunities. We do this by segmenting and categorizing the overall company spend and by interviewing clients and procurement specialists. The opportunity assessment is captured in a comprehensive report, which provides details of the opportunities and savings that can be realized in each spend category. The report also contains a recommendation to the client for following sourcing best practices and prioritization for each category.

Strategic Sourcing and Category Management

  • Market Intelligence – The need for understanding the market dynamics before developing a sourcing strategy can never be over-emphasized. That’s why, we provide a detailed report of cost drivers, current market conditions, key supplier profiles, and sourcing best practices for each category, which helps the client’s category managers to take informed indirect procurement decisions.
  • Category Administration – Beyond indirect procurement and contracting, category managers are also involved in administrative tasks that take away their focus from more strategic value-added work. Our category administrators offload the tactical tasks from the desks of the client’s category managers and efficiently manage them on an on-going basis.
  • Category Coordination – Our category coordinators bring their entire industry knowledge for assessing opportunities, sourcing, contracting and supplier management processes in projects. The scope includes deriving value-added intelligence from the delivery operations and feeding timely knowledge and insights back to the client’s category manager for effective procurement category management.
  • Category Management – Our category specialists fill specific expertise and category maturity gaps and provide best practices, insights and guidance on how to best structure category and sourcing strategies. The specialists are complemented by our on-demand category strategy network. In addition, we take ownership of the entire breadth of category management for over 40 categories to support clients.
  • Sourcing Execution Services – We support clients with sourcing execution services like RFX creation, bid management, conducting e-auctions, and so on, which allows the client’s category managers to focus on other critical tasks. Our team operates as an extended sourcing arm of the client.

Contract Management

  • Contract Management – Our comprehensive contract management solution includes contract repository creation, contract indexing, early warning on expiring contracts, contract analysis, reporting, and so on with related technology support. This enables the client’s category managers to effectively focus on driving savings and analyzing spends.
  • Supplier Management Services – Our solution for supplier management process is aimed at arming the client’s category managers and stakeholders with timely and relevant information to assure that contracts are implemented properly and performance is managed on a regular basis. The scope includes:
    • Data collection and maintenance
    • Supplier compliance reporting
    • Facilitation
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