WNS helps clients streamline their business support functions to drive greater organisational efficiency. By connecting fragmented business units, we enable our clients to transform the way they do business and help achieve their corporate objectives.

We work with our clients to evaluate and align a shared services operating model for a range of business functions, including Finance and Accounting, Human Resources and IT services, among others. Our innovative end-to-end shared services solutions and support is delivered from our state-of-the-art multi-customer Shared Services Centre.

Finance and Accounting Finance and Accounting (F&A) operations face constant pressure to reduce costs, provide standardised processes and systems, and ensure resource flexibility as and when required; all within a strict compliance framework. WNS provides innovative Finance and Accounting solutions to support the CFO’s office to reduce costs, unlock process efficiencies and enhance financial control.

Human Resources New age human resource solutions are required in today’s business environment to effectively address challenges in the form of growing cost reduction pressures, the need for efficient resource support, shrinking talent pools and maintaining an engaged workforce. WNS offers end-to-end support for the HR function to sustainably manage costs and relieve critical resources from transactional activities to rather focus on strategic initiatives that help to realise the company objectives.

Procurement The procurement function is a complex but critical process for any organisation. Often, streamlining the procurement process can be the key to improving an organisation’s bottom line, with the resultant incremental savings used to drive innovation and future growth. WNS provides innovative procurement solutions to help streamline the process to tighten spending and unlock cost savings, improve efficiencies and cycles, and gain clearer visibility on commercial performance.

Technology Services Harnessing technology in business has become essential to effectively running business operations and also mitigating the risks brought about by disruptions. We realise the importance of technology in driving operational excellence, cost-efficiency, scalability and agility into our clients’ businesses and provide a range of advanced solutions to achieve these outcomes and deliver dedicated business support.


WNS South Africa Advantage

  • National footprint of delivery locations: WNS South Africa boasts a national footprint of eight delivery centres spread across the country’s major cities, including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth.
  • Flexible partnership approach: We never consider ourselves a vendor to our clients, but rather a strategic partner who delivers immense business value. We have the ability to adapt and align with our clients’ ways of working and implement change at their pace. We are ‘big enough to deliver’ and ‘small enough to respond’.
  • Continuous improvement culture: WNS South Africa’s transformation and subject matter experts continuously explore methods for improved efficiency and enhanced delivery in our quest for continuous improvement.
  • Strong risk management and compliance expertise: WNS South Africa helps clients by sharing the business risks they are exposed to as well as ensure regulation compliance. We deploy a number of frameworks within our clients’ business processes to ensure adherence and manage a range of current as well as potential risks on the horizon.
  • Analytics driven: WNS South Africa leverages the power of analytics in our client engagements to provide our clients with insights to better understand their business. Ultimately, we empower our clients and provide them with insight-based decision support.

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