Increased competition, changing customer expectations and disruptive technologies are compelling insurance companies to switch to new business models and adapt to new market dynamics quickly. Personalization, reduced time-to-market for new products and seamless customer experience are key elements for transforming business processes across the insurance value chain. In an ever-changing regulatory environment with shrinking margins and lack of skilled resources, insurers have to leverage new technologies and advanced analytics to drive profitability.

Our deep domain knowledge of the insurance sector and managing end-to-end operations for various clients make us an ideal strategic partner for insurers. We leverage our domain knowledge, backed by our innovative technology and advanced analytics expertise, to transform business operations in a highly regulated environment.

We collaborate with clients in life and annuity, retirement, property and casualty, and brokerage to co-create game-changing solutions across multiple processes in the insurance value chain.

WNS helped reduce operating costs by building an advanced middle-office Center of Excellence for the client
By re-engineering processes, WNS made a significant impact on the client’s bottom-line and reduced claim lifec..
WNS took over a large part of the reporting and actuarial requirements, allowing the client to focus on strate..

The WNS Advantage

Expertise in high value complex processes

We possess deep expertise in delivering actuarial services, adjudication, subrogation and other complex high value processes that can help accelerate companies on the path to outperformance.

Flexible commercial models

Our commercial models are flexible in every aspect—from scope, pricing, to scale and involve risk sharing. We customize solutions to fit the needs of insurance clients.


We offer back-office support and end-to-end capabilities for new product introductions, new sales channels and new geographies. We enable ‘shell’ companies to enter niche markets or provide niche products.


We have presence across various countries in the Americas, Europe, South Africa and Asia, which allows us to provide the best combination of onshore, offshore and nearshore delivery capabilities.

Embedded Analytics

We embed analytics in client processes to provide insurance companies actionable insights to translate trends and opportunities into profitable growth, beyond efficiency gains.

Consultative, transformative delivery model

We employ a fix, shift and transform delivery model and not a lift and shift or "your mess for less" model. Our deep process expertise helps us optimize existing client processes.

Solutions at a Glance
Broker Connect Broker Connect is a state-of-the-art mobility solution, which meets all the requirements of insurance brokers and financial advisors. This mobile app has a host of features such as real-time status update / push notifications on new policy set-up as well as policy amendments. What’s more, brokers can call up their customers through Broker Connect, ensuring enhanced customer experience. DEEP DIVE
InsurACEInsurACE is a fully automated insurance administration system that helps in end-to-end lifecycle management of insurance policies. It offers a unified view of operations spread across multiple geographies with real-time distribution of work to manage high-transaction volumes. DEEP DIVE
eAdjudicatoreAdjudicator - A cutting-edge solution that automates the end-to-end adjudication process of various types of claims. Driven by robotic process automation and analytics, it factors in in-built rules and models for processing claims. The automation process improves the insurer’s claims settlement rate with enhanced efficiency and accuracy. eAdjudicator works as an independent platform, and also as a bolt-on over legacy adjudication engines. DEEP DIVE
Broker Services
Third Party Administration
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