The Data Sciences Group — WNS’ analytics research and development (R&D) arm — aims to provide deep domain expertise in the art and science of interpreting data, using cutting edge analytical techniques and tools. The group comprises data scientists, Big Data specialists, data modelers, data infrastructure specialists and statisticians. Our rich and extensive experience of working with data across domains enables us to continuously develop new offerings and create WNS’ brand analytics products and solutions.

We ensure that clients get relevant high-end analytical solutions and convert these new offerings into products for greater value for clients. The Data Sciences Group is constantly researching and exploring new areas of analytical applications and technologies. Also, the group works closely with WNS’ business units to create innovative solutions impacting immediate client situations and then assists in the incubation of these services.

The group primarily focuses on developing frameworks, advanced analytics solutions, analytics productized solutions:

Frameworks: In ever-changing and dynamic markets, the need for fact-based, analytics-driven decision making is becoming critical. We need to define clear goals along with frameworks that provide blueprints for success. The Data Science group focuses on developing analytics frameworks that are flexible enough to accommodate varied business needs such as solving challenges around disconnected set of data sources, analytic models, customer experience, and provide insights that drive intelligent growth. It also provides a certainty that an application is in full compliance with the rules, that it is maintainable, upgradable and, above all, structured. We help our clients in building a sustainable framework that combines establishment of a mature data and analytics infrastructure with customized business solutions.

Advanced analytics solutions: The Data Science group focuses on developing advanced analytics solutions based on the market needs and customer pain points. The group works on various advanced statistical and operational research techniques, mathematical algorithms, machine learning, pattern recognition techniques, and text mining analytics to generate insights from structured and unstructured data across industry functions.

Analytics productized solutions: This group constantly scouts for potential opportunities across functions to develop productized analytics solutions on Big Data analytics, social media analytics, and multichannel customer Web experience management.

Some of the solutions developed by the Data Sciences Group


WADESM : The WNS Analytics Decision Engine (WADE)SM is a predictive analytics solution framework to inspire and enable an organization to scale the analytical maturity curve and become fact-based in the way it thinks and acts to achieve its long-term growth targets.


UNISON: WNS’s proprietary data virtualization solution. A unique virtualized insights solution, which enables clients to federate data. Enables multiple, seemingly unrelated disparate sources to build a unique customer view

Advanced Analytics Solutions

Text Mining Solutions: Leverages Big Data platform and language processing algorithms to analyze and understand natural languages by combining artificial intelligence and advanced analytical techniques.


Big Data Analytics: Helps enterprises aggregate, integrate, validate and compile the data to derive insights for revenue maximization and operational efficiency.




Analytics Productized solutions

Customer Experience Management Tool : A real-time web application to improve the web experience of the visitors, identify their needs and proactively make customized recommendations and/or plug in a customer services representative through a chat, e-mail or call.


Social Media Analytics: Advanced analytics solutions that use machine learning algorithms, text mining and Big Data technologies to index the social media data

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