The WNS South Africa Advantage

WNS South Africa is a leading provider of end-to-end BPM solutions in Africa. We are a strategic partner to our clients for delivering a full range of basic to complex business processes from delivery centres spread across the country.

We are a partner of choice for our clients due to the following reasons:

Experienced BPM Player

We have over 20 clients and more than 4000 employees. Our strong capabilities and proven delivery experience ensures that we deliver operational excellence on behalf of our clients every time.

National Footprint

With a total of eight delivery centres, WNS South Africa has a presence in each of the country’s main business hubs—Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

Glocal Solutions

As part of an international organisation, WNS South Africa is able to offer truly glocalised solutions. We combine our local expertise and capabilities with strong global resources and best practices.

Quality Contact Centre Services

South Africa has established itself as a leading destination for world-class customer interaction services. WNS South Africa is a pioneer in the contact centre arena locally and has a wealth of expertise and proven end-to-end delivery capabilities in areas such as retentions, collections, acquisitions, social CRM and analytics.

Global Organisation

WNS South Africa is an extension of WNS Holdings (Ltd), a leading global BPM company with presence in 13 countries, spread across 5 continents, and 55 delivery centres. Globally, WNS has over 38,000 employees.

End-to-End BPM Delivery Capability

WNS South Africa drives process excellence and value for clients through a wide spectrum of solutions, including customer interaction services, finance and accounting services, research and analytics services, human resource services, procurement solutions, risk management solutions and technology solutions.

Driving Delivery Innovation

We choose to be leaders rather than follow a trend. At WNS South Africa, we drive innovation in each of our solutions, and provide our clients with the latest technologies and efficiency enablers for their unique process requirements.

Experts in Transitions

WNS South Africa has been operational since 2003 and has a wealth of experience in transitions. We have the capability to handle the transfer of employees (Section 197) and other labour processes, including union negotiations.

Strong Focus on Employees

Our employees are our strength. Hence, we provide our resources with the right support, and learning and development opportunities to help them grow. This ultimately helps our clients to grow and achieve their goals.

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